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The thousands of miles traveled crossing the Rockies was worth it!

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   That white wall behind the car is Snow!    We went to Glacier National Park where we flew like eagles. I hope the kids remember always that they are like eagles….not chickens!


     And we arrived at Yellowstone!                But the car overheated!

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 But the Graham sleeps as snug as a bug in a rug!  

                            Y 6                       


 Inside the Graham we feel at home, we even have a DVD player!



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Imagine that you can spend a night in the best 5 stars hotel which includes a wonderful meal… but only for you. What would you prefer, that hotel or camping with your loved ones? So why not look for more of those unforgettable moments that cost nothing and bring us so many memories?


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 How much does it cost to go for a walk? How much does it cost our time? Which is the best way to invest it? How can we invest it the best? The biggest fortune doesn’t fill pockets, it fill hearts!!The one who has his heart full, is the millonaire. And it can be filled little by little with small investments…like…

Short walks….


Y 10 Y 12


Spending little moments with loved ones…   


Y 13


New Friends...


Y 14
And, the heart begins to fill... but don’t leave aside the best investment ever... we must always take care of the most beautiful investment, giving the best of ourself.
Y 15



I know, that I didn’t bring anything with me when I was born… and I won’t take anything to the next life… Only I’ll take what I lived, so… I want to invest all my life simply in that! In living!! And that way of  living is our Dream!



Y 15
I want to find reasons to jump of happines!!And I do found them every day! 
I keep falling in love with whom I’am already in love, as I found the treasure at the end of the Rainbow!
Y 16


Does it exist a better way to start a day than waking up in the morning and see beside you the person that you love the most in the world!! And just a little over there the product of that love!!! It can’t be a better start!!!  One can feel as a millionaire, as for being one of it’s just a feeling. And I believe I am! as I feel it!


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So… if happiness means to be close to the one we love… let’s focus on that!!!




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