The Beginning of a New Chapter



Everything comes when you only focus in the next town. And once there, how to get to the next town, city, beach, mountain. So…. until next frontier, continent.

Our desired Asian land finally arrived! It looked so far for us… is so far. And here is the Graham and our family after 10 years of this lifestyle that does nothing but bring us new challenges and new ways of seeing life. 




Surprisingly SOUTH KOREA


What a surprise is Korea! Good Start.

We arrive to South Korea thanks to Swire Shipping Company that brought the car all the way from New Zealand with no charge. The angels still exist in our road.

We will let you know about Korea very soon.  



Konichua JAPAN! Surprisingly


Now we are in Japan. We apologize for the delay on updating the web, we are traveling a lot and there is almost no internet when we camp in the mountains or beaches that are around here. If there is anything we imagine of Japan is totally different from the imagined. We thought about Japan: people everywhere, urban places all around it, but is not like that. We will take longer than planned, as always. We wish the heat subsides a bit. Since 130 years ago that it wasn’t so hot… and here we are… driving a Graham with wind conditioner.

We will tell you more about Japan.



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