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If I could express exactly what I feel, I'm sure that you will feel more touched. If you travel even a little, you will also feel more touched. 


Sometimes I think that I have lived so much in these last 10 years of my life, that what is coming tomorrow will not surprise me. I think falsely. There is always something that arouses in me a different feeling.



We arrived in New Zealand in February 2010. We are six, we are many guests for many houses where only one couple lives, not to mention when a family of 5 suddenly becomes a family of 11 for a few days! When we left their places, I asked to myself… will they feel a great void or totally relaxed? Through the emails we  receive, it seems that they miss us the same way we miss them. This following email is one of them:

Rose and J“Hey Beautiful people!!!

Firstly big hugs to EVERYONE of YOU!!!!!!

Baaaaaaaack at you. House is way too quiet. Hoping you are being blessed by good weather down there. ? Even up here it feels like Autumn is upon us. Still lovely but not quite the usual summer we get spoiled in Nelson.

But our hightlight was you guys coming to visit and being able to share some time with you all. We really do love your family! You are on the board above my desk so every day I feel happy with fond memories and your voices still fill the house! 

 Ok big hi’s and hugs from us all! J Rose and Tas xxxxx “


This was an email from this amazing family in Nelson, who devoted an entire week to us. We met Tas in Australia for five minutes and he invited us to his home in N. Zealand. Since we arrived we were spoiled, they took us to sail a sailing boat, they took care of our four kids so we can spend a day at the beach and go to the movies alone. They invited us to stay at one hotel for a night in front of a bay, and they organize a talk for us, with desserts that they had spent the whole day preparing. They got people to donate coffee and different products for a raffle. They invited a sweet lady who played  music with her harp, and other  people who helped. All because of this ‘dream’ that comes alive when all this happens!

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The room fills and we talk, people cry and applaud, the dessert is finished, the raffles are drawn and we autograph books. A special night that shows me again and again what I think and feel right now in this farm surrounded by 3000 sheep. The same thoughts that I had yesterday when we left the house of Beatrice on the Otago Peninsula. Or three days ago when on the road the same day we had two flat tires running out of spare ones and stopped at a farm where they had patches that sorted our problem. Or a week ago, when a professor of Invercagill becomes our host and leads us to the school, where after spreading the wonder of dreaming to 100 students, they sang Happy Birthday to Wallaby (1) and Tehue (5) in a decorated room with colorful balloons. And if I go back, you will be filled with names, stories and places where we stayed for three months since we arrived in these islands, such as names of people who set up the car as if it were theirs, or that took  us to fish.



I travel, and I feel the people's strength, my strength, yours, ours. What people can achieve, what I can achieve, what you can achieve, what we can accomplish. And when it’s accomplished, how well people feel, how good I feel, how good you feel, how well we feel.


I travel, and in my mind I can see those faces that welcome the 6 of us to their home, I see a smile and in their eyes I see that strength, what they can achieve, how good they feel. It is contagious, and we get involved, then we leave to be with another contagious face.

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So this was New Zealand, from house to house, in town to cities, beaches, mountains, valleys and fields. A place where everything is in harmony, where, after each curve postcard scenery is perfectly visible.

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Thanks ‘Kiwis’ for showing to me once again the strength that this World can have, and show me my strength and fortitude that this dream has won in the last 10 years.


Here's to this wonderful decade! I make a toast for Herman and my four children who cheer my days, and also for our car Graham Paige, that had never imagined to be travelling through these distant lands.

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Wally atardecer


See you later!!

Cande and all the Family! 

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