Caves of more than 2000 years old, India“What are you going to do when you finish?”

“The end doesn't exist… the end… There's a starting point for everything, but the finish line is just another starting point, and the end another beginning.”

“So… death seems the only end to everything.”

“Death... death is the beginning of another journey.”

He sits in silence for a while. “So what then will you begin when you’ll leave India?” He fixes his question to my previous comment.

“India was a goal for us, the beginning point to our return home, a direct return, by ship for the car and by plane for us.”

Now in India… we can't see how to finish… can't see why not to keep on going… and where? How? We ask ourselves, we don't know, what we do know is that we want to continue, we spoke with our children and none of us can see ourselves returning. We see ourselves discovering something 'further' and discovering ourselves in that place.

Rowing in the Ganges River, India

One is born in a place, in a family, in a society, with a religion, a social status… and from the very first moments that we are born we are covered with a blanket to keep us warm, with hugs, with education, with rules. People cover us to take care of us but of so much covering us, they also cover us of fears, that this is the 'correct' way to live, this is the only religion, they cover us with commodities and commercials… with your dream car… They cover us so much that we don’t have chance to discover how we are… we can't blossom. So much covering of fear that it doesn’t let us believe that we could be different from others and just be… us.

Our host in a farm in India

We went to discover Asia... but Asia has always been there, it was us that we UN…covered ourselves… of rules, life styles, religions... We took away so many prejudices that we feel free…less limited... with more air... more ideas… more motivation… and how do you stop someone who has motivation? How can we go back if we never really left?

 “So then where are you going?”

“In Goa we met a German traveler who was returning by boat, his truck fit into a big container leaving just enough room for our car, he offered us the space for free”

“So you are going to Germany, then?”

“We answered, no. It's that a trip to Europe, it's that we have always imagined it as the end of a journey. We decided to go to Africa.

”But to give up the chances of sending your car by boat for free, it's an opportunity that doesn't present itself everyday and you had to take advantage.” I think that he saw the security of it more than the opportunity in it “Besides Africa is very dangerous.”

Two months camping in Goa, India“We talked about it and our hearts lean towards Africa... our fears tell us to go to Europe, our thoughts the same... but our hearts tell us Africa.”

“And do you already know how you are going to get there?”

“No, I also don't have any way figured out yet, contacts or ideas... but we have faith. We are going to Mumbai and we'll start ringing doorbells, looking for those people who want to take part in this dream. We are going to look for those people who know that money isn't everything, who know that giving is receiving, who know that life is but a dream and that even being part of a dream can complete your life.”

The man looks for a different subject... it could be that this is over his head or that he is straight in his way of thinking. It could also be that he hasn't yet discovered the way to think differently.

I wrote this, with memories and notes from when we were in Agonda, Goa, India. Today I write from Dubai having been to Mumbai and after to Delhi, having discovered that Dreamer after ringing many doorbells. That dreamer who wanted to be part of this dream, that in the end wasn't only one but many, too many. Having discovered again that the most beautiful thing that God created on this marvelous planet is humanity, that even if we aren't from where they are from, aren't the same religion as them, aren't so many things...they continue to help us chase our dream!

Mr. S. Hajara, Shipping Corporation of IndiaShipping Corporation of India

We would like to thank Shipping Corporation of India who even though does not travel to Africa, looked for and paid for another company to provide the service to us. We would like to thank the enthusiasts of Antique Cars from Mumbai and Delhi for collecting the money to pay the shipping to Africa. One day after collecting the money this shipping company appeared so the enthusiasts decided to cover the costs of our tickets, thank you to the Anda family who causally work in the Emirates and got us the best price...

For many, we are very lucky... We know we have a lot of faith and many blessings, which help us to take risks, which help us discover ourselves.

Car Enthusiasts of MumbaiCar Enthusiasts of Pune and Mumbai

Thanks to Perseus Bandrawalla, Gautam Mani, Dev Bakshi, Akthtar Rangoonwala, Dhananjay Badamikar, Indraneel Mukherjee, Jaggi Nanda, Harit Trivedi, Dnyahesh Samant, Sameer Kadam, Amol Nayak, Solanki Brothers, Makrand Baokar, Cyrus Dhabar, Hormusji Cama, Aspi Batiwala, Amit Sapre, S.S. Dabholkar, Daniel Kliwitzsky, Car Enthusiasts in MumbaiHemant Kanoria, Karl Bhote, Jayesh Shah, Jacob Varghese, Manan Sagar, Kp, Subbiah, Adheesh Parelkar, Archit Kulkarni, Shreenivasan, Anirrudh Kasliwal, Sangram Shirke, Vinay Gurav, Digamber Yadav, Jehangir Bhoot, Rajan Dandekar, Subhash Karmarkar, Sidhartha Khona, Rony & Rohan Vesuna, Rasool Husseini, Girish Singh, Percy Malloo, Anil Jain, Ravi Nene, Maraspand Dadachanji, Darius Naterwala, Shahrukh Bhathena, Deepak Velankar, Ganesh U Patel, Shiv Gaekwar, Fali Dhondy, Chander Gandhi, Venkatesh, Amal Tanna, Ameet Barot, K. Shreenivasan, Danny Manyar, Ashustosh Ghanekar, Prabal Banerji, Mr Chavan, Kiran Shantaram, Pilzad Master, Nikhil Kalbag, Pestonji Bhujwala, Shrivardhan Chennai, Nial Doherty, Mahableshwar Run Gang, Viraf Vatcha, Chamundeshwari Bhogilal Chinai, Mercedes Benz Club, Rajesh Malhotra, Prithvi Tagore, Manoj Sadrangani, all enthusiast of Car Clubs of Mumbai and their families.

Car Enthusiasts in New Delhi

Thank you Ron, Taruj Madan, Shiviaj Amand, Atul Amand, Prabal Banerjee, Chasaujir Srghi, neelu Kaircker, Shiva Nadlur, Shiva Jalk, Sandeep Katasi, Jassi Family, K.D., and other members of the Heritage Motoring Club of india in Delhi and their families.

Mr. Nitin Dossa, Automovile Associatin of Western India Thank you to the Automobile Association of Western India, Nitin Dossa, thanks for the support!

Mr. Shudir VasudevaThanks to Aakriti Vasudeva, Shudir Vasudeva, S. Hajara, to J.N. Das, Capt. Praveen Kumar, Manoj Arora, Manickraj N. Nadar and many, many more!

Satish family where we stayed a couple of daysThanks to Sebastian Marikkal for putting us up with your family, thanks Satish and Nick Hill for sharing your home, thanks to Maraspan for leaving our car in tip top shape to travel to Africa. Thank you India for opening our minds, for reminding us that a developed and rich country is that which is family and spiritually oriented. Thanks to Ernesto Alvarez and the Argentine Embassy for receiving us so kindly and making us feel so at home, and for your support.

Sebastian Family, Mumbai, our hosts

 Thank you S V.S. Kulkarmi for supporting us from the port, Kenneth Paul for wanting to try, Sharmile Ganesan, Parvez


Patel..and many many more… Like Carsten Wendt, Capt Kay-Edzard Goldenstein for wanting to take us in your boats to Africa free of charge and not being able to do so calling others who would be able to, though in the end we weren't able to travel with you because of dates.

Carsten Wendt and Capt Kay-Edzard GoldesteinMr. Satish, Boxco, Mumbai, car already in Container to go to South Africa

Thank you Prudential Global Logistic, Thank you Percy M. Master, thank you Rickmers Linie.

From Dubai, doors away from beginning again with a lot of fears and doubts, we thank you, yes you who are reading, more than anyone, you, for keeping us company, for pushing us along when we need it, for always being there. We don’t feel alone, we are with you, thanks.

The Zapp family, the little Zapps, your family

Khajuraho Temples in India

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