On the way to Victoria Falls…

Yes!!!! Finally we’d arrived to Victoria Falls, one of those places in the journey that I use to set as a goal.  In the time we set them, they look so far in the map but finally we always get there. At our low pace but we get there!!! And what we never expected was to experience so much adrenaline… 

How small one feels….

To see the kids at the edge of it, frightened me!!! One thing is one, the other is to see your children!!!

We focus to go to Lusaka, Zambia’s capital, so then we can go to a big National Park named Kafue. We were in contact with Charly Sinewan, a Spanish traveler who we met in Cape Town for only one day. He is amazing, he goes solo around the world in his motorbike. That short encounter 6 month ago it was enough to want to share more together. We are in the same continent, so we should meet again! While we were trying to arrange in which part of Zambia we will meet, it couldn’t be better than see him coming in the opposite way in the same road! 

It is great to travel with another traveler. Not only we share kilometers but similar feelings, sometimes it is not even necessary to explain, with only one expression is enough to know what we both think. We can understand those people that tell us that our dream is an inspiration to them because we also get inspire with someone like Charly, who is very happy doing what he wants to do in this life.

We not only have fun together but also we take the chance to challenge ourselves even more. We decide to get into Kafue Nat. Park by a small track that was not even showing in the GPS. It is nobody around and we try to manage under supposed directions, driving on a very narrow road, sandy and isolated where Charly’s motorbike more than once fell in the sand.

It is getting dark and we see even less to be able to find our way around. It is completely prohibited to camp in this area due to the danger of lions, leopards and elephants, and for the same reason it is prohibited to enter in motorbike. Every now and then the road is blocked by a tree that was pulled by elephants but we manage to continue along the side moving branches.

There are so many kilometers to drive at such a slow speed and night surprises us, the bike had an electronic problem and there, we had to camp protected by a fire that we improvise to frighten the animals. Nobody could go too far to go to toilet, nobody could go far from our simple settlement …..that was the rule.  

We go to bed feeling a little bit nervous but after so much adrenaline we slept like kings.

Charly could fix his bike and early we went without leaving behind any sign of our campsite, we even hide the trace. If someone notice we could have many problems.

Just a few kilometers from there we are attacked by the TSE TSE flies, they manage to enter through any hole as our windows doesn’t close tidily, not even the windshield does it. They foccus on you to bite you and HURTS! AUCH! Hurts a lot. Suddenly we became like crazy guys, they were so many that we start hitting between us to be able to kill them. Right away the kids find the way to have fun, so we scream “Attaaaaaaack!!!!” so then they start to hit to kill them in the roof, doors, backs, heads and necks and at the same time we were laughing with laughter we were suffering the heat.

We’ve never saw something like this, the car is surrounded by flies and it is very hard to see, as they are all around the face, windshield…. Everywhere. We didn’t slow down until we could escape from that area and we finally did, with a lot of lumps but we DID!!!

That same night we arrive at destination to a camp where Eric and Nancy host us. They are Dennis parents who took us ballooning in Namibia. We spend 4 days in the Park and after another TSE TSE Attack Charly left and some days later we return back to Lusaka where we spend our last night in Zambia at the Firefighters Station.  


Frightened by 7 and a half tons!!!!


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