Uhy! We still very far !!!!

It is easy to explain to a traveler the reaction of the people when they see you coming, but… How to explain this reaction to who doesn´t travel? Or to those who don´t believe that we all have something to give?  


People is like waiting for us, as if they knew what we need at that exact moment. How to explain this wonderful Magic of the Road to someone who hasn´t walked it?

I don´t see a better way to show you than with pictures!!

Sometimes, along the way, not everything does work out as you expected it but that is the moment when other things happen.  When everything get complicated, you have to look up, where you are going… and focus only on that. 

Very ocassionaly the Graham give us trouble but here…. it seems that Graham like it very much and in this place he wanted to stay.


It was then, when this Magic that I mentioned shows his best!!!!  and that people gave, gave and gave without wanting anything in return.

The one who really want something was the Graham. We found a crack in the engine and since then were two months of comings and goings in the city of Bulawayo. It was the first time in the whole journey that we need to take the complete engine out of the car and it would be easier to tell you which things they haven´t done to the engine. 

Meanwhile we made many, many friends and enjoy with them special moments.

We had never been so long without seeing each other.  We miss each other a lot, I was 40 km from Herman in Ethandweni Home where Lucien open to us the doors of this incredible place!! And… Herman was in Bulawayo coming and going to the Home whenever he could.

Six more beautiful houses hosted us in the city and even some people gave us cars to be able to move around. 

What an incredible Magic !!!

It is so, that Christmas arrives and we spent this special ocassion surrounded by friends.

And so it was all Zimbabwe, since we got here until we left!!! We collected friends and also the kids did.

If you will ask Tehue to which country he would return back, he will answer Zimbabwe!!!

If you ask us to which National Park we would return back, we will answer Mana Pools!!!

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