How to get “Spark your Dream” “Atrapa tu Sueño” Acchiappa il tuo Sogno" in USA and Canada

This book is available in Paperback and Kindle Version in English and in Spanish.In italian language is only available in Kindle format. If you're interested in giving this book as a gift or a copy for yourself, you can order it in bookstores of a nearby town.

Once at the bookstore, if they don't have the book in stock you can ask them by the title of the book, by its ISBN number or if you tell them that Ingram distributes our book, they will find it in their computer system and order it for you. 

  • Atrapa tu Sueño (ISBN 978-987-43-8603-8)
  • Spark your Dream (ISBN 978-987-23134-1-8)

Also you can order it online at the following websites: 


Kindle and Paper in Spanish press here      Kindle English Press here



Kindle in Italian

You can contact us at

Many thanks. We wish the best for you and your Dreams.

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