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  1. I was sorry that Sausalito was so crowded today and I didn’t give you my phone number.. Do you have a place to stay?
    Please call 415-924-0433 if you need a place or to let me know where you will be while in the Bay Area.
    Good Travels,

    Toni Cohn · 12 octubre 08 · #

  2. Dear Herman: We met at Yosemite last week on Monday at Indian Ridge next to North Dome when you had a “day on” as you so aptly put it, hiking from the Valley to the high country and then back down to your campsite in Lower Pines. If you recall, we told you we had seen your car at the Ahwahnee on Sunday, and my brother-in-law Robert had seen your car when he was in Alaska five years ago. As you well know, the world is very small.

    You touched our lives with your joy and wonderful story of your travels with your beautiful family for the last seven years.

    I noted on your site that you had visited your father in San Francisco … we live in Santa Rosa, 60 miles north in the wine country. Should you return to this area, please let us know, as we would enjoy meeting your lovely wife and children and hearing of your plans for Asia!

    Via con dios, mi amigo! Thank you for sharing your journey with us and the world!

    Best to you and yours, Terry Abrams

    Terry Abrams · 17 octubre 08 · #

  3. Hi there,I was at the Austin Car Club meeting in Sydney last night, but I had to rush away and and did not get much of a chance to talk to you both,good luck for the rest of your dream and please keep us all posted on your progress,I hope everything goes well for you in the future.see you again soon Rob Weir

    Rob Weir · 28 febrero 09 · #

  4. Queridos amigos.Nos encontramos rapido em Mona Vale dia 21 de marco.Comprei seu livro a paguei com cheque.Queria saber se puderam descontar o cheque sem problema.Estou amando o livro e sempre pensando em voces.Tenho um sonho grande ha 8 anos que estou lutando para realizar.No proximo e-mail falo mais sobre isto.Onde estao agora?Se ainda na OZ queria ve los e converar mais.
    Beijos da brasileira que ama a Australia.Boa sorte hoje e sempre. Marvi

    marvi del Nero · 8 abril 09 · #

  5. I watched your story on “Sunday night” The Australian TV Show and share the inspiration you have provided to many others. You give hope to those of us who live to work, instead of work to live (or should I say enjoy the important things in life/ family and love)such as you do. May all your dreams continue to come true. And if I can enjoy life 10% of what you guys do, I will be extremely happy!!!!
    Thanks for your inspiration to Paul, Georgia, Nicholas & Angelina LOMAX of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia!

    Paul Lomax · 19 abril 09 · #

  6. Hi Candalaria and Herman, have just seen the television program telling about your adventures and your current visit here in Australia. You guys are beautiful and if while you are in Adelaide (South Australia)you need assistance, accommodation or anything at all please contact me. I would love to meet you all and have the chance to listen to your incredible story and give you a place to stay if you require one,

    Sincerely, David Cheney

    david cheney · 19 abril 09 · #

  7. well Bunyip town is sure looking forward to meeting you all, i do hope you can fit it in, please keep me posted as to when you may be here.
    i am having a meeting with some locals today, they belong to a old car club and i am sure the member will be wanting to share stories,
    perhaps you might be here for morning tea or afternoon tea
    something to think about
    safe abnd happy travel
    and best wishes from davina

    0439169437 · 19 abril 09 · #

  8. Hello Herman & Cande and family,
    You are now travelling in Australia and we are wondering if you have already crossed the Nullarbor – if not we would love to meet you when you come to Wudinna, on Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Please send an email advising of your travel plans for this part of Aust. Just love what you are doing- have so much to share with you and would love to show you our farm if you have time to stay awhile. Cheers, Trevor and Stella.

    Trevor & Stella Scholz · 26 abril 09 · #

  9. Hola Hernan Candelaria y toda la family

    Que bueno saber de ustedes y que estan viajando por todo el mundo, sus suenos son inspiracion para muchos. Se que estan en Northcote Melbourne nosotros vivimos en Thornbury que es el barrio conjunto. Yo soy de Ecuador y mi esposa es Australiana de padres italianos. I hope you have a fantastic time I would like to meet you one day. We will place a link of your website in ours. If you need anything, back up your fotos etc I’m happy to help. Please send me an e-mail. Good luck

    Abrazos grandes y suerte. Miren nuestro blog para cuando esten en Asia.

    Alex Benavides · 6 mayo 09 · #

  10. 26 May 2009

    Hi Herman and Cande

    I love serendipity! I ‘just happened’ to catch a tiny glimpse of a TV show about your wonderful journeys. It was aired on a TV in ? late March / early April. I rang around all the local bookshops eager to know more about you both and your adventures. I finally got a copy from Amazon. I have just finished reading it. I totally loved it. My heart sang just getting to know you through the pages of your book. I totally admire what you are doing. And I am so excited that you are in Australia.

    Congratulations on the happy arrival of your new little Zapp!

    The serendipity is that my husband and I have been talking (for more than a year already) about embarking on an around Australia trip for a year or two. We keep comming accross ‘messages’ prompting us to go. Just 2 nights ago we ‘just happened’ to watch the movie Revolutionary Road with Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio. We were somewhat chilled at the end. But we just looked at each other and said “So it looks like we are going then!”

    We are now grapling with the challenges of getting started- the hardest part!

    I am not sure where you guys are right now. I truely hope I you haven’t passed through Adelaide yet, and that we may have missed you.

    My husband and I, and our 3 boys (ages 10, 9 and 6) live in Adelaide South Australia. We would love to host you. Come and have a bouce on our trampoline!!

    warm wishes

    Elle Crush

    ElleCrush · 26 mayo 09 · #

  11. Hi
    This is from Dalton & Janne
    We were speaking with you at the markets on Thursday night.
    I am the one that had the 1928 Chrysler (similar to your Graham Paigu)

    We would love to feature your book on our website and we hope to discuss with you on Tuesday night at the University.

    Best regards
    Janne & Dalton
    +617 402 774 743

    Janne & Dalton · 25 septiembre 09 · #

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    diuhoadp · 4 octubre 09 · #

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  19. Herman, Candelaria,
    Los conoci a cuando pasaron por California. Estubieron un par de veces en mi tienda “La Plaza Market” “La Cubana” en Northridge California, cuando su nino apenas caminaba, me dio mucha pena cuando lo tenia en mis brazos y lo fui a parar en el piso para pozar para una foto, y el nino se callo porque no podia pararse solo :-( ….

    Hoy estaba limpiando mi garage y me encontre su libro y decidi buscarlos en el internet…. Me dio mucha alegria ver que pudieron cumplir su sueno!!!! Yo ahora estoy casado y tengo un nino y esperamos a otro…. Me encantaria poder hacer algun dia un viaje como el de ustedes….

    Raidel · 10 octubre 09 · #

  20. Hi Candel, Hi Hermann’
    we met at Nightcliff markets in Darwin and I had the pleasure to give Candel a well deserved massage on a Sunday Morning. I am reading your book and me and my family came and listen to your stories at the University that night.

    Following your dream is impressive, your adventures awesome and for so many things falling into place so many times you all most have great Karma!!!

    Though what impresses me the most is the love and affection well and truly alive between the 2 of you. That is what touches me deeply, this deep understanding of another soul, this walking and dancing and singing together in this adventure called life, the energy that surrounds you both, I don’t see that very often anymore and it was such a joy just to observe the harmony between you.
    Thank you for sharing yourself with the rest of the world.
    save and happy travels.

    Tina, Darwin · 14 octubre 09 · #

  21. G’day Herman & Cande
    Pleased to see that you made it to Darwin. I was worried that you may have come to grief in the Bungle Bungles but that was before I finished reading about the roads you encountered in South America. Gramps is sure one tough chariot.
    Did you pass Klaus and his camel-drawn panel van on the way to Darwin. You would have had some great stories to share.
    We returned to Melbourne in the rain earlier this week. First rain we have seen in 3 months. I hope you are adjusting to the wet season build-up in the Territory. At times my head felt like it was melting before we could get south to Alice Springs and cooler weather.
    I can now turn my attention to transferring our photos to DVD for you to collect when you bring your dream to Melbourne.
    Looking forward to seeing you both again.

    Love from

    Bob & Alannah Emslie · 15 octubre 09 · #

  22. Hi,Herman and Candelaria and children,
    We trust your journey has been eventful and interesting. This is a short note to let you know the members of the Morris Register in NSW are all thinking of you back in Sydney and hope the family keep well and safe.
    Best regards Sue and Ken Coad.

    16 October 09 · 15 octubre 09 · #

  23. hi herman candelaria and family this is wendy shaune troy and jacob we ahd the privelage to meet when you stayed at the royal in charters towers we will keep in touch and you all take care

    wendy shaune and troyand jacob · 21 octubre 09 · #

  24. Queridos Candelaria y Herman
    Vivo en Vancouver Canada y acabo de leer su libro “atrapa tu sueno” el cual me encanto porque me hizo recordar muchos lugares que yo tambien recorri en mi estilo atrapando mi sueno que todavia sigo viviendo.
    Me encantaria saber si lo publican en Ingles o Aleman para que mi esposo lo pueda leer tambien para que el pueda tener un poco de idea de lo que yo hice en mi juventud.
    Mucha suerte por alla en australia.
    Carinos de FRances

    frances meyer · 13 noviembre 09 · #

  25. g/day I was priviliged to meet you at airlie Beach a few weeks ago, and my Daughter in law Angela Parr bought your book , now im reading it, my heart is like your’s im a bit of a Gypsie, you are both so lucky that life and heart are the same… if your still in Australia and are coming down the east coast we would love you to stay as long as you wish at our humble home in Ballina.

    todo lo que usted necesita hacer es telefonarme en 0266862948 o apenas la gota adentro en el curcuit Ballina norte-sur-oeste norteño de 22 lakeview y mi hogar le acogería con satisfacción con los brazos abiertos… Brian

    brian parr · 22 noviembre 09 · #

  26. Hello happy travellers,

    It was a joy to listen to your story on local Brisbane radio this morning – I am only sorry that you are moving on tomorrow to the Gold Coast, I was hoping to get you over for a barbeque – you could have stayed also!! I find your story & commitment to your dream thrilling! Your kids are amazing, I am sure you don’t see your adventure as courageous as you are experiencing a freedom & love for your family that can only bring you constant pleasure. Well done & all the very best for your continued journey. If you are ever back in Brisbane you have another place to stay! Un beso grande & God Bless!!! Annalisa

    26 · 23 noviembre 09 · #

  27. Queridos Herman, Cande, Tehue, Pampa y Paloma
    Recibi hoy este news con su blog actualizado, y la verdad volvi a emocionarme como cuando los conoci hace ya 4 años cuando habian editado el libro y estaban exhibiendo a Macondo y sus andanzas en un Shopping de Cordoba donde también me encontraba de paso trabajandoy tuve la chance de hablar con Herman despues de haber conocido su viaje a traves del programa de Su Gimenez. La vida de ustedes y el sueño que estan cumpliendo me ha tocado e inspirado bien de cerca, siempre comparto las historias de sus viajes con mis amigos y mi familia. Tengo 38 años, puedo decir que en la vida le vengo luchando desde muy pequeño cuando perdi mis 2 padres en un accidente de autos y Hoy puedo decir que me siento muy feliz con una Familia de 5 también constituida junto a Laly, mi mujer y Vicky, Juan Ma y Nacho.Tengo un buen pasar, economicamente he crecido pero anhleo algo que me complete aún más. Tengo muchos deseos de que cuando cumpla los 40 poder emprender un viaje como el que ustedes emprendieron pero en moto, aunque mi familia no quiere saber nada de acompañarme, estoy haciendome la cabeza porque quiero intentarlo y ustedes son mi Fuente de Inspiración. Los Felicito y Sigan Asi.
    PD : Ya llegaron a China?? He estado en Australia y varias veces por trabajo en China, es una cultura impresionante pero el idioma les hará las cosas difíciles, de todas maneras los desafios para ustedes no tienen límites

    Un Abrazote Gigante a la Distancia desde Buenos Aires !!!!!

    Gastón E. Solarz

    Gato Solarz & Familia · 12 diciembre 09 · #

  28. ¡Hey, flia. ZAPP. Que gustazo saber de Uds. y que todo sigue MUY BIEN. Ahora en Australia. Cuanta alegría que trasmite ésa foto con la familia agrandada. UN GRAN ABRAZO DESDE CORDOBA. Gabriel Pena.

    Gabriel PENA · 12 diciembre 09 · #

  29. Ey Familion Zapp, que placer saber de uds! que buenas noticias saber que estan bien.
    Y ahora conociendo Australia, que fantastico!
    Ciertamente me demostraron que para los sueños no hay fronteras!!! =D
    Les agradezco por ser mi fuente de inspiracion y bueno debo confesar que vi la nota que les hicieron y me largue a llorar de felicidad, me alegro mucho por todos uds.
    Desde Bs As, les envio un abrazo Gigante.

    Paula Della Chiesa.
    pd Que grandes que estan los chicos! :D

    Paula · 18 diciembre 09 · #

  30. Estimados Herman Y Candelaria.Que suerte y emoción!!!!que puedo conectarme con uds.Los conocí en la Exposición Rural(Argentina) Abril 2005 dónde estaban presentando el libro ,con una nota que escribiste “A linita todo nuestro cariño y empuje a tus sueños”.Leí el libro y cada tanto lo releeo.Me pareció fantástico,y me ha servido para cumplir algunos sueños……Quisiera seguir conectandome con uds.Les mando un cariño enorme.Linita Sueta.Bs As.Don Torcuato.Argentina.

    Linita Gil · 25 diciembre 09 · #

  31. Sr. Herman, I have been extremely touched by your successfull travel adventures and you have inspired me to re-ignite my dreams and continue living my own dream which is a lot like yours. “You are like a Gallion sailing the open sea, and Cande is like the wind blowing on your sails.” The two of you together, will always go far… I’ve read your first “librito” twice, and after reading the info. on your website I will buy and read your new “librote” soon. God bless you and your family…G&E.Magana

    gerardo magana · 27 diciembre 09 · #

  32. Hola Chicos
    Los conocimos cuando pasaron por Houston, Texas, alla por el 98-99 (creo).Nos alegra que tengan nuestro e-mail. Saben que preste el libro que tenian por esa epoca, pero jamas lo recupere. Como aumento la familia, que lindo, los felicito a los dos.
    Que buen momento para saber de ustedes. Espero no se corte la comunicacion.
    FELIZ ANO NUEVO PARA USTEDES Y TODA SUS FAMILIAS. Desde Katy, TX. Los recuerdan con carino
    Carlos y Lidia Mendez

    Lidia y Carlos Mendez · 30 diciembre 09 · #

  33. Hola Hermann y Candelaria
    Espero que se encuentren muy bien, esten donde esten, jajajaja. Antes que nada, quiero desearles muchas felicidades y exitos para este 2010, y preguntarles si sacaron algun libro nuevo y si ya esta disponible en buenos aires.
    Muchas gracias por su tiempo
    Un abrazo
    Alejandro Safarian

    alejandro · 2 enero 10 · #

  34. hola!!!!!!!! asi que Australia eh???? haber sabido me iba con ustedes y me ba a visitar a unos primos re contra lejanos que tengo alla… jajajjaa bueno me alegro que la esten pasano lindo. los nenes deben de estar gigantes a estas alturas! bueno, a decir verdad yo estoy esperando que decidan volver a visitarnos, aca en Trelew bien al sur de la Argentina…. esta vez avsen bien con tempo, mi mail lo tienen. asi los vamos a recibor y los sacamos a pasear por la zona— besos!!!!

    Sibyl Hughes · 11 enero 10 · #

  35. hello, my family meet you in september of 2007, at the new york state fair, bought your book, and enjoyed your travels, god bless you and your family, and continue to enjoy life. if your ever back in syracuse n.y. your welcome to my home. good by and good luck garry

    garry buchanan · 12 enero 10 · #

  36. Queridos amigos,por favor digan por donde están.Les escribimos varis veces y no tuvimos respuesta.Esperamos tener la suerte como otras veces,y nos digan como están,en que lugar y ASIA donde van.
    Desde Bs As,con el mejor de los deseos,les enviamos un fuerte abrazo para cada uno de todos ustedes.

    Perla y Antonio

    Perla y Antonio · 23 enero 10 · #

  37. Queridos amigos,

    Su sueño inspira a gigantes azañas. Y el haberlo podido cumplir, a creer que no solo puede ser un simple sueño.
    Recuerdo una nota en la revista “weekend” (Argentina) y en ese momento dije que grosos estos tipos. Y lo sigo pensando.
    Después nos conocimos en Cariló, Buenos Aires, Argentina y fue una muy grata sensación.
    Los aprecio mucho y los considero realmente mis amigos. Espero verlos pronto por acá y charlar asado de por medio.

    Diego Lagomarsino · 27 enero 10 · #

  38. Dear Herman,Candelaria and company of Kids

    My name is Robin Bruce here in Adelaide South Australia, I have Just read your Book Spark Your Dreams and enJoyed it so much.thank you for a lovely story,but why i write is because i have staying with me here in Adelaide an old Schoolmate of mine who started school in Sydney in 1940 ,we have grown up together he and his wife Helen are doing the big Grey Nomad tour around Australia, and have been on the road for the last 4 years I was given your Book to read by Helen and Brian Wrigley, who met you in Elliot Northern Territory, and I was very impressedafter reading your book at what you have accomplished, in your Journeys, They want to Know, How you have got on in Australia, and Have you got any New Books out Yet On your adventure, My first Car was a 29 Chev sedan that i bought off my father and then had for a further 7 years and sold it to a friend when i was posted to Viet Nam in 1970 ,that car is still going and The People that Bought it are they fourth owners of that Car since it was produced, it is still registed and on the road to this day Ok hope you are having a wow of a time touring here in Australia , and hope you have a good time in New Zealand ,it sure is a great Place did the south Island tour by car 4 years ago and the North Island by car the year after Yours Robin Bruce For Brian and Helen Wrigley email

    Robin Bruce · 29 enero 10 · #

  39. I saw your Car going north on Bishop Gradin herein Winnipeg,Manitoba. Gosh thats a wheile back. Though I like to share this wonderfull Opertunity with you. You need Funds to travel. Here is a way to make some seriose Dollar’s. My Web-Site: ><
    You’d that love that Chocolate. Have a great time,would love to hear from you.
    sincerely, Helmut

    Helmut Hartleb · 15 febrero 10 · #

  40. Hola Chicos!!! Somos los 3 Argentinos que se encontraron en Nelson el Lunes pasado…. Hoy salio una nota lindisima con foto y todo en el Dominion Post de Wellington. Como estan en la isla sur, seguramente no lo hayan visto… yo tengo una copia en mi casa y me encantaria mandarselas para que la tengan como recuerdo… hay alguna direccion a la cual se las pueda mandar?
    Besos a todos y muchos exitos!!

    Barbara · 24 febrero 10 · #

  41. Hi Guys
    Wonderful to see your story in Wellington NZ “Dom Post” If you come back to Wellington please contact us and come over for dinner.

    Meanwhile please continue to have fun and take with our best wishes!!

    Dave n Moni · 25 febrero 10 · #

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  54. Hey – great to meet you both at Punakaiki. Am 1/2 way through the book & loving it.
    I hope to see you when you get back to Christchurch, & will send you a PM with any contacts I make about Asia – what is your preferred entry point(s) into Asia ??
    Hope to hear from you soon

    BOB · 6 marzo 10 · #

  55. Hello Herman and Cande.
    I met you at the Whiteman Park Motor Museum in Perth. I gave you a blue and white painted brass logo of the Volkswagen Club of Western Australia, which you said that you would fit to the trunk of your wonderful old Graham-Paige. I also bought your book. It is an excellent read which I thoroughly enjoyed. Even in my 60s I have been inspired by your story to not waste the time that is left to me. Thank you for your inspiration.
    Will you please take a picture of the logo on your car and send it to me? Also send us a couple of pictures of you in Perth or where you are now. We want to put your story in our club magazine.
    I wish you and your growing family the very best for the future.
    Richard Hines.

    Richard Hines · 6 marzo 10 · #

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  83. Hello Zapp Family,I met you in Shantytown Westcoast NZ. I bought your book. Having just finshed it and loved it, I wish we had spoken for longer.What an inspiation you are.Thankyou for being part of my life and thoughts.My sister also met you twice in Oamaru and bought your book. We wont forget you. Where could we get your first book?Dream Chaser? We would like top read it as well.Enjoy Asia. May we meet again sometime.
    Glenda Garlick.

    Glenda Garlick · 12 abril 10 · #

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  111. Dear Zapp Family, I have just finished your book Spark Your Dream. It is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Not only for the adventures but for you attitude and philosophies towards life. I believe it is a true meme. [tranferring ideas and attitudes from one mind [culture] to another.] It will certainly affect the way I look at and approach life.
    Thank you. And all the best.

    Noel Lewis-Watts · 8 julio 10 · #

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    I am workin in KoreaTrek(tour agency in Korea.

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  117. Wow! Hello. I just saw your car parked in my apartment parking lot. I was sooo impressed to see your classic beautiful car. Now I happened to know your project “Spark your dream” and your book…It’s great to get to see your car…My little son said “I saw two little boys in the playground.” ..^^ I hope you have super great fun here, and If I get to see you, I’ll say hello..^^; and I’m going to get your book tomorrow.

    +82-10-6549-8507 · 1 agosto 10 · #

  118. Hello, I read your article in the Korea Herald. It was a very inspiring story. I am currently living in Korea, originally from the USA, San Francisco actually. I am also an avid traveler, and I would love the opportunity to meet you guys some time while you are staying in Korea. I am currently staying near Seoul; however, I am a big fan of Busan, and I would be willing to go there to visit you sometime. Please feel free to send me an email at, or you can call me at 010-7469-3360

    Tim OBrien · 4 agosto 10 · #

  119. ‘Spark Your Dreams’ is a wonderfully inspirational account of a families understanding that we all get only one life – make the most of every moment. I loved the stories and have determined to get even more enjoyment in my life from now on. Thank you Family Zapp.

    Maurice O'Reilly · 6 agosto 10 · #

  120. Dear Herman
    just a minute ago, i saw your family and your story from tv(KBS). It’s very impressive your message. “The best time to trip is right now!!”“^^ take care your family
    and have a good memory in korea

    chul hee kim · 7 agosto 10 · #

  121. Hi =]
    Nice to meet u!
    WOW i saw your story on kor TV ,
    I also love trip but … i never thought like that, or i always just make a many trip plan , and can’t act it yet …
    SO …WOW !
    U showed me NWE WORLD ! THX A LOT =]
    hehe i think your kids are so cute ^^
    i heard u will go jp soon , maybe 10 ?
    Later , my eng getting better i’ll buy your book
    (i’m kor … my eng is not good yet)

    Cheer up ~! and take care of your family!
    Wish you all the luck for all the things you do ^^

    HaNa KIM · 7 agosto 10 · #

  122. i saw your wonderful story on TV.

    my family is also dreaming world trip.

    so i’m really impressed of you.

    i wanna have your book with your sign.
    and let my kids have dream about world.

    where will i meet your gergous car in BUSAN? (i’m near busan. ^^)

    i really hope meet your family for a little while.

    please contact me any time 010 3400 6802.
    or · 7 agosto 10 · #

  123. Hi i live in pusan. i saw TV. very very impressive. i wanna eat dinner with your family. i live in pusan. in sasang. near ser-myunn. i have family three children. call me 019-667-2328

    bbj · 8 agosto 10 · #

  124. Hi! Pampa!
    I saw your family story on TV yesterday.
    It was really really touching.
    I think you having a tremendous experience.
    Though it is a short period of time in Korea, i hope some of day when you bring back your memory of Korea that it will be a good memories.
    Have a good trip! Pampa & Zapp’s family
    Take care~

    Aeri · 8 agosto 10 · #

  125. Dear Zapp

    I saw your story on TV last weekends.
    And I could know about your family and I’d like to know about full story of your family.

    So. I tried to buy your book, but It wasn’t sell in Korea. ioi…

    I’ll buy it at
    Maybe It takes about a month to read your book. Because my English is not good..

    I look foward to read the story in Korea on your web.

    Sejin · 11 agosto 10 · #

  126. hello, everyone!
    lt’s me, GRACE!!
    how have you been there??
    l sent you an e-mail few days before
    but you didn’t read it not yet,
    so l wonder if you are good in there.
    anyway always don’t forget that
    many many many people love and think
    and support you always. ^^
    good night and always enjoy every moment
    every place where you are in. ^^

    grace · 15 agosto 10 · #

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  129. dear my lovely friends!!!

    how have you been??
    I sent an e-mail two times
    but l think it’s hard for you to read
    an e-mail in Japan. ^^
    nowadays I have a little bit hard time
    many kind of things so I miss you more
    because you gave an truly supporting
    words for me.
    so I went to vacation last 2days. ^^
    when will you go to Russia?
    i want to see you once more in japan
    if i can when you are in there.
    always happy wherever you are.
    te extraño everybody!!!!
    Take care and have a greatday!! ^^

    Grace · 29 agosto 10 · #

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    spdribive · 19 septiembre 10 · #

  132. One second later, not being in the now and we would have missed eachother……There are no coincidences – they say – and so do I believe, it was meant to be, to meet you today in Roppongi with your lovely kids, wife and love in your heart and that emazing loyal friend , your car. Life is Beautiful and you are true example for it……until our path cross again, blessings and embrace to you all – in admiration, inspiration and awe…..Hasta la proxima…. .Mimma (Japan/Italy)

    M. Mimma · 2 octubre 10 · #

  133. how have you been? :)
    It’s me, GRACE!
    time flies very quickly.
    are you still in JAPAN ?
    i have been missing you all the time.
    You did not forget me, right? :)
    yesterday l lost my cellphone
    so i can’t see your family’s picture
    on my new phone anymore. T.T
    i hope always have a greatest day of your
    life. from. love GRACE ^^

    grace · 14 octubre 10 · #

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    tgraywyui · 3 noviembre 10 · #

  135. Your family is very nice..
    I watched your story here in the Philippines as your story featured in ABS-CBN Channel 2. I hope you will be safe in your future trips. God bless you.

    Patrick H. · 21 noviembre 10 · #

  136. Hi, I have watched your story in Rated K with Korina Sanchez today. If ever you will be visiting my province, Camarines Sur please let me know. I would love to meet your family.
    Dhee Javier

    +639179709919; +63544701134 · 21 noviembre 10 · #

  137. Hello Herman! thanks for visiting our club. Casino Español De Manila, hope we’ll see you and your family again. God Bless HAPPY TRIP April

    22,2010 · 23 noviembre 10 · #

  138. We would love to see you come over the Albay province of Bicol here in the Philippines where we have the Majestic Mayon (perfect cone-shaped volcano in the world). The place and native food/delicacies would surely be so unforgettable! :o)

    We welcome you to our ancestral home…

    COME and SEE more of the Philippines…


    +639178128372 · 1 diciembre 10 · #

  139. Hi there ! Welcome to the Phils. My whole family was so inspired with your story that was written in one of our newspapers, Philippine Daily Inquirer. I even required my kids to read it; without knowing that my youngest already read the article! My eldest and only daughter, Christine even thought of inviting you in one of our advent nights this holiday season. And me and my husband said: “why not?” ! We ‘re excited to hear your amazing story first-hand and meet your wonderful kids! Please visit us at any convenient time you have this month of December or any time you can spare us. Thank you so much for inspiring millions of people around the world!
    Hope to hear from you soon. God bless you !

    Excited to meet you,
    Roland, Becc, Christine, Isaac, Daniel and Vincent

    P.S. We’re also a homeschooling family and lives at Unit 7 Nehemiah Townhomes Extra Ext. St. Fourth Estate Subd. Sucat , Paranaque City.

    09175741225/09228110514/ · 6 diciembre 10 · #

  140. hi. we’re inviting you to sleep over with us on the 15th,wednesday, spend time with us the next day and attend soccer training in the afternoon. i’m sure your boys will be thrilled to kick soccer balls in the field. all my boys are soccer players, by the way. we’re also inviting you to attend “SAMBANG GABI’ with us at fort bonifacio on dec 18 at 5 am; it’s a filipino tradition that we would like you to experience as well. it’s like worship night except done early in the morning.SEE YOU ON THE 15TH. PLS CONFIRM. THANKS.

    09175741225/09228110514/ · 6 diciembre 10 · #

  141. Feliz Navidad !!!
    Mi esposo y yo pasamos Navidad acampando en Florida y estuvimos disfrutando su libro.
    Sentimos que viajamos con ustedes… de hecho reimos y tambien lloramos de felicidad por ustedes….
    Mi esposo Len en de Michigan, yo soy de Venezuela. Ambos vivimos en Florida. Viajamos muy a menudo a la isla de Margarita, Venezuela donde ustedes pasaron sus primeras Navidades viajando.
    Ya tienen un segundo libro?
    Adorariamos tenerlos como amigos en facebook!
    Feliz Ano Nuevo.
    Beth and Len

    Beth and Len Dahlvik · 27 diciembre 10 · #

  142. Just saw your pictures on the telegraph website. Wondering where the last pic was taken. The roofs seem to match the period of your car. China maybe?

    Wow what a trip anyway. Was hoping to see a map or something here. Stuff of dreams for sure.

    Flighty Gal · 12 marzo 11 · #

  143. Hello to you all. I have only just found out about you all today ! How very fortunate your children are to have such amazing parents. I am going to follow your journey on facebook and twitter.
    Have a wonderful journey…..kind regards from a very envious lady in Cornwall, England.

    Roz Rossetti · 12 marzo 11 · #

  144. Hi guys, I have just learnt about your story and it was so inspiring that it made me rethink about the whole meaning of life. What is more important? Living a life like everyone else, i.e. working, paying off mortgage, raising children… or living a life the way I want to live!!! Unfortunately most people don’t have the courage to give up what they already have and start from ground zero… Guys, I wish you all the best in everything! I will follow you guys on facebook, and hopefully one day I can spark my own dream! Best wishes, Jane from Melbourne, Australia

    Jane Zhou · 14 marzo 11 · #

  145. Hello there from Chicago, Illinois

    What a story! I was just surfing the Net when I found an article about you in the Gazeta Wyborcza (Eng. Election Newspaper) of Poland. A M A Z I N G !!! Good luck to you all and if I can be of any help please drop me a line at .

    Best Regards
    Witold “Veeteq” Wroblewski
    +4C @ 01:09hrs CDT

    145 · 16 marzo 11 · #

  146. Dear Zapp family,

    I walked into the coffee shop on your way to Miri, Malaysia and asked to buy a book but you were sold out.

    Thank you for your calendar but I will still order your book online.

    You’ve inspired me to dream big and that nothing is impossible.

    Wishing you guys a safe, harmonious and exciting travel across Asia.

    Your Canadian friends in Brunei Darrusalam !

    Aaron, Cyndi & Kieran

    6737115300 · 19 marzo 11 · #

  147. hi, Zapp family. your story just so crazy, so so crazy. but i have to say my life is not that crazy – i want to :)

    you just give me good reminding how to spend my life. i work, my wife works, we have a kid and it’s foreseeable he will have the same life we have and it’s damn boring.

    why not come to China for a tour? i bet you can expand your fantastic story on this land.

    I’m in Chengdu, and it’s a metropolitan but i don’t like it. in this province we have fabulous river, mountain local culture. and if you come here, don’t forget that you have a friend welcoming you.

    you rock!!!!

    Bolomeee · 22 marzo 11 · #

  148. Hola, what a family!Dance with the whole world, bravo!!!Welcom to China. I’m sure you will fall in love with this amazing land at once—-silver Elysium, mellow Buddism Hole, motley folk tales, blah, blah, blah…

    Oops, I’m Monica, settlin in Shanghai. When any inspiration drive you to China, don’t hesitate to call me !

    My E-mail:

    monica · 6 abril 11 · #

  149. Hello! I just read about your family on yahoo and applaud your courage and tenacity in doing what you feel is right and best for you and your kids. You are my new heros!! I have ordered your book and can’t wait to get stuck in it. My father was a truck driver my whole life and I “lived” on the road with him during the summers and weekends. It is one of the happiest times of my life….the stories I have for my daughter. :) If you ever get back to the states and want to visit Alabama, please, let me know! I live in Huntsville, home of the Space and Rocket Center. Can’t wait to hear some of your stories and get to know you through your words and pictures! Be safe and HAVE FUN!!

    Megan Gorton · 8 abril 11 · #

  150. Hi, I live in Bangkok, would be pleased to meet your gang and have you stay over at my place on the river in Bangkok. We’ll go for a boat ride in my boat through the canals of the Chao Phya River.

    Drop me an email, Cheers, Charles Lee

    Charles Lee · 23 abril 11 · #

  151. Hello,Zapp Family.
    I am a Chinese student.
    Don’t know where u have been.I heard u have got Asia,and welcome your families come to China,hope that i can do something for u and your family.

    Jim·He · 8 junio 11 · #

  152. Holla hermanos !

    I’m brazilian, from Rio Grande do Sul and I’m living here in KL for 8 months already and I was driving home today when your car draw my attention (by 18:50, close to Jalan Ampang). It’s easy to notice it, hehehe. Anyway, I was glad to see an argentine plate, so I honked. Very nice what you’re doing. Go ahead, live your dream … and if you need anything while in KL, please, drop some lines … Tengan una buena viaje !

    Aurelio Frohlich · 14 julio 11 · #

  153. Do drop me an e-mail if you would like to go around KL. Cheers

    Lee · 15 julio 11 · #

  154. hola amigo..
    i write you in engleish cause my spanish is bad..
    i met you in thailand, phuket.. and we talk just for awhile..

    i thought you are crazy.. but i wanna be crazy like you..
    i was almost asking if i could join the trip with you and your family…

    i think lots of people want to do that…

    i am sorry if i didn’t buy your book..
    i want to do it now, if it’s possible…
    even by web maybe i can buy it..

    and, if you come in south italy, don’t esitae to call me or send me an email..
    you will be our guess, there is an house free and you can stay without no problems..
    if you see this comment, let me know.. even to buy your book..

    i wanna be (crazy) like you.. i love the world and his nature…
    you and your family are great great great…
    wonderful life is yours..

    bye bye..

    luigi · 23 agosto 11 · #

  155. Hi Herman: I am the Canadian guy you asked for directions to the Yoma Cafe in Vientiane Laos on August 22, 2011 when you were driving on Samsenthai Street. I have read your book twice and it MUST be one of the best books I have ever read. It is full of wonderful advice, I think!!!!! Everyone who has a dream and is not afraid MUST read this book. BEST wishes on your journey through China. I am VERY sorry that I could not meet Candelaria. Your four kids are FANTASTIC!!!!! Please keep in touch. BEST regards from Toronto. Arnie

    Arnie Lukas · 9 septiembre 11 · #

  156. Hi,

    Wel-come to Bombay. :)

    This is Priyanka Visaria from Mumbai. I would like to help you and would like to meet you. I am reporter with Mumbai Samachar. I will b grateful to you if u call back or reply me as soon as possible.
    Thanks and Regards. :)

    08080177188 · 26 marzo 12 · #

  157. Hi
    I have long had a dream travel with my wife and young sons.
    But my wife and I are so different in our attitudes to the future and the path it may take.
    We love each other but still I can’t seem to convince her of the joy of travel and of how it can present not just challenges but lessons in life otherwise not discovered.
    Your book “Spark your Dream” is the very best book I have ever read. I especially love the inspirational quotes from people you met along the journey.

    0151 421 3232 · 1 mayo 12 · #

  158. Hola Herman: This is Arnie from Toronto Canada. We met in August 2011 in Vientiane Laos on Samsenthai Street. Returned to Vientiane this August 2012 after spending three weeks in North Korea and was thinking of you and where you are now. Where are you? Maybe back in BA due to your older boy’s schooling? Have you published another book? Would love to read it if you have. BEST wishes wherever you are and for whatever you are doing. Arnie

    Arnie Lukas · 9 septiembre 12 · #

  159. I read about your family and your amazing journey in Go! magazine October 2012, and see you will be arriving in Cape Town late November. Would be happy to offer you two ensuite bedrooms in our house in Simon’s Town for 4 – 5 days @ a total cost of one Argentinian beer. Let me know if of possible interest. Bill

    Bill Fuller · 28 septiembre 12 · #

  160. hi herman and family .it was unexpected and also a pleasure to have meet you at the shopping centre 5 ocktober 12 in the south of johannesburg .you are a inspiration and always smile .wish we could have met your hole family .all happy dreams for yor future .johan coetzee and family .

    160 · 6 octubre 12 · #

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    kinhmcmze · 19 octubre 12 · #

  162. Hi Herman and Candy
    Trust all goes well with you and the
    + four – wherever you are these days? …last saw you in Manila. Just thinking about you, as I do a lot, and hoping all is well on the road. The road to Argentina is nearest now so thew young-uns can get schooling?
    “Perfect” is a word I always use now with a Spanish Argentinian accent to get the message across. AND when I meet someone who says ‘I’m American’ I also give them hell now to get them off their high horse and down to earth!!
    All our love – Bruce, Marivic, my daughter Shauna, and my son Swayn, and from the Philippines – MABUHAY and best wishes

    Bruce Curran · 26 noviembre 12 · #

  163. Good morning and welcome to our beautiful country. I live in Gauteng in South Africa and was wondering, while you are here, is there a way to meet you? Are you giving a talk somewhere? It would be wonderful to have the opportunity to meet your family.
    Enjoy and take care. Pat Hutchinson

    21 February 2013 · 21 febrero 13 · #

  164. Hi, Saw your vehicle in Clarens yesterday and I was fascinated – you are welcome to contact me if you pass through Kimberley and need some where to stay. We have a small Guest House and a good chef …

    0835641204 · 24 febrero 13 · #

  165. Hi Herman & Cande & family. I met Herman in front of the butchery in Clarens on 26 February 2013 (Herman had a beautiful cut of lamb in his hand!). If you are in the Clarens area, we got ample space to stay (or a town-house in Johannesburg you can use). I’m a geologist and would love to show you more of the geology & mineral wealth of South Africa. Your trip and life philosophy is very inspiring – keep going!

    +27 82 925 4185 · 27 febrero 13 · #

  166. Hi Herman, Candelaria, Pampa, Tehue, Paloma and Walaby – it was great meeting you at the George Farmer’s Market this mornning!
    Sandra (Essjay) and I (Brian) will be following your travels and wish you well.
    Really love your transport, and did some searches on the web where there is a surprising amount of information and photos of the Graham-Paige marque.
    We have a website at as well as the one at if you feel like looking through them.
    Be well and keep up the dream
    Brian & Essjay Manthe

    +27 790336329 · 27 abril 13 · #

  167. Dearest Herman candelabra and family . I don’t expect you to remember me but it is Miranda from Pietermaritzburg we met at the vintage car club . Your book has re ignited and redirected my dreams thank you !!! I have just been sharing your incredible journey and inspiring stories with friends of ours . How are you all and was wondering if you are still in South Africa ? Hope to hear from you

    +27844222441 · 8 junio 13 · #

  168. Dear Zapp’s, love and affection from Beatrice, Manuel and Capt. Anthony Watterson. Hope travels going well , we wish you good wind in your travels and may it be safe , fun, adventurous and plenty full of more stories to tell us. Hope we can hear more about your travels .

    Buen viaje con carinio

    Cape Town

    Manuel says your book has been the most entertaining he has read in years

    De Villegas · 21 junio 13 · #

  169. Hola, soy Lara y tengo 18 años. Acabo de terminar de leer su libro y la verdad es que no tengo palabras para describir todas las cosas que me hicieron sentir al leerlo. Siento que yo también crecí como persona al ser parte de sus historias y aprendizajes. Pero lo más importante de todo es que los quiero usar como modelo; son mi modelo a seguir para que yo también pueda atrapar mi sueño. Mi sueño consiste en recorrer todo Estados Unidos en casa rodante con el amor de mi vida, que espero con todo mi corazón que sea mi novio. Sólo quería compartir mi sueño con ustedes para que sepan que a pesar de que pasen los años, su libro se sigue leyendo y sigue incentivando más gente a cumplir sus sueños. Además, me encantaría saber más de su vida ahora y conocerlos en algún momento ya que yo también soy de Argentina.

    Lara · 22 septiembre 13 · #

  170. Hi and WOW!! I have just come upon your story and am inspired. I hope you have had an amazing time in SA and have experienced some of the magic that makes our country so unique and special.

    Not sure where you are but if you need any assistance around safari’s and adventures in Mpumalanga please shout!!
    Lots of beautiful and wild bush places to visit.

    Happy Travels.

    Kate Miller
    Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa

    Kate Miller · 1 noviembre 13 · #

  171. Hello to the Zapp family.
    I just pages through our local GO Magazine of October 2012 (just a year ago) read the article on you and your travels again.
    I especially like Herman’s response to all the reservations any one may have to also venture forth and follow his/her dream – it was a very simple but complete “BEGIN”.
    I hope that you are well and travelling from strength to strength, realising your dream every day. Reminds me of a saying by a person I can unfortunately not remember – however I think that you are the definition of that saying, which is “Make every day count”. So simple but so few ever achieve that.
    I salute you and wish you just the very best the roads can offer. Be well and safe.
    South Africa.

    Henry Green · 16 noviembre 13 · #

  172. Hola Zapp familia,

    We just read your amazing story in the dutch travel magazine Columbus. We got inspired by your story, and we think its such a brave thing to live your dream (something that everyone should do, if they are capable to). We are pleased to welcome you in our home in the Netherlands, Amsterdam if you would like. Please contact us!

    Good luck on your trip!


    Bart Steenbergen y Nathalie Eenkhoorn (Netherlands, Amsterdam)

    Bart y Nathalie · 29 noviembre 13 · #

  173. Hello
    We have seen you twice in the Serengeti and made some photos from you and your car. Amazing journey. It is just great.
    Now you will be on your way to the Gorillas as you told us. All the best
    Michael and Beatrice

    Sold Michael · 28 julio 14 · #

  174. Hello Candalaria and Herman,

    We met yesterday in Kigali where I stopped you while the Japanese TV-crew was filming you while driving through Kigali.

    As said – when in Kampala in about two weeks just call me and stay in my house. I gave you my biz-card. Am sure you will enjoy the gorilla’s in Bwindi Forest.

    See you then.

    Edward Dierckxsens

    Edward Dierckxsens · 9 agosto 14 · #

  175. I just saw you guys in your ride. Enjoy your stay in Kenya and keep up the spirit.

    Hopefully we can meet in future. God bless you and your family.

    254 714829787 · 26 septiembre 14 · #

  176. I was able to know your great trip for 14years on the TV program in Japan.
    Have a nice trip!

    Tats Hashiguchi · 8 octubre 14 · #

  177. Dear Candalaria and Herman and
    all children Pampa,Theue,Paloma,Wallaby

    If Turkey is in your schedule most welcome.
    if you accept, I can join to your tour with my Studebaker 1928 almost identical with your car.
    Turkey is great country with amazing archaeological history.

    Good luck on your lovely journey!!
    S.Fatih Alpay
    Currenly in London/UK

    +44(0)78 012113 015 · 12 agosto 15 · #

  178. Dear Zapp family

    My name is Kineret Gal-On, Im a mother of 3 children: Yinon 12, Eliah 10 and Tamir 7 years old.

    I engaged in real estate and art and most of the time dreaming abaut trips or organizing and traveling with my family.

    We watched the news on Friday evening and we were so excited to watch your life story.

    We will love to host you in our house in Tel Aviv, we ilve in Tzahala neighborhood.

    Wa have rooms for all of you in a graund floor and my children are very sociable.

    If you will be interested i can arrange a school visit or meeting with children….

    My husband and i are speaking basic Spanish.

    It will be great to have you as our guest.

    Take care and enjoy ISRAEL.

    Kineret (

    Kineret Gal On · 15 noviembre 15 · #

  179. Hola! How are you?

    Our family of 5 is traveling Israel too right now and would love to meet you! We’ve been making our way around the world. We are travel bloggers ( ) from San Diego, CA. We have been traveling since May this year and we would love to connect with you while in Israel! We’ve meet some of the most amazing people since traveling as a family! Everyone is so amazed about how quiet and well behaved our children are when they travel so much, every day we thank them for making family travel possible. We are a small growing family of all girls! I am out numbered :) but my girls are the most calm, loving and content little angels.

    We would love to meet you and have the opportunity to get to know you all!

    Cheers, Joshua and Kristy Cohen
    Skype: DigitalNomadFamily

    Joshua and Kristy Cohen · 19 noviembre 15 · #

  180. Hi to amazing family! How are you doing in Turkey? I live in Tekirdağ a nice,peaceful nice city two hours from istanbul i really would like to host u if u wanna keep in touch my number: 534 770 61 47 by the way i am studyin spanish now and know a little. Take care i wish to see you

    merve · 9 febrero 16 · #

  181. Heloo Herman and your family, too! :-D I was glad to meet you, your family and yours car in Bucharest today! Thank you for your kind words for our country, and as you wisely said its a place in o single and wonderful world, in which we live together! :-D Thank you once more to inspire us and you are proof that the dreams come true! :-D Each of as can make a wonderful life! Thank you! :-D

    Ovidiu · 16 abril 16 · #

  182. I forgot to write the town which you visited: Buncharest! :-)))

    Ovidiu · 19 abril 16 · #

  183. rewrite: Bucharest ( i was hurried :-D )

    Ovidiu · 19 abril 16 · #

  184. Preciosa familia: Escucharlos hablar en esta mañana de sabado, Julio 9, 2016 por CARACOL Radio, en Bogota, Colombia me ha llenado de muchisima alegría, y quisiera poder darles un inmensísimo abrazo a ustedes y a sus hijitos. Qué gran ejemplo de constancia me han dado ustedes para perseguir los sueños que tengamos en la vida, y que así pasemos inmensas dificultades en la vida, siempre nuestros sueños son muchisimo más granddes que cualquier gran dificultad que tengamos en la vida. La experiencia de ustedes y su maravilloso camino por la vida me me llenan de muchisimo animo para seguir luchando por mis sueños.

    Henry Amado · 9 julio 16 · #

  185. Dear Herman,
    I met you last Sunday on the ferry in Hamburg and I had just enough time to introduce myself, my girlfriend Stefanie and my seven year old nice Daphne before we had to get off the ship. I briefly mentioned that we are going to travel for six months next year through Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. I am very sorry that I did not have enough time to ask you where you are going next. It is a pity that you already have been to Berlin (where we are from) because we would have loved to be your hosts or helped you in any other way. Please let us know where you are going. We would love to be of help. We have friends in Germany, France, England and Spain… So if you go there, we could ask them to help you out.
    Stefanie and I have been hugely inspired by your story. Since I heard about your story when I was researching possibilities to go travelling for a long time (or possibly for the rest of our lives) you guys have been on our mind constantly. When we announced to friends and family that we are going to travel through South America in a tiny 2-seater car and intend to sleep in a tent on the roof of the car everyone said that we are mad: “This is not going to work. The car is a joke. The tent is a joke. How can you take so much time off work? How much is this going to cost? Have you won the lottery? Who is going to look after your house, … your cat, …your workshop?” Well, I am sure you have heard similar questions and worries by other people before you left 15 years ago. Our answer usually is that we have only one lifetime on this beautiful planet and it is too precious to waste it by following the same routine day-in-day-out. Since a very good friend of ours recently died and others got severely ill, we became aware that we cannot postpone our travel plans for much longer. It is “now or never”!
    Your story has helped us to overcome our worries and ignore those of others. Like you we strongly believe that people all over the world are kind and wonderful and that it is the greatest adventure to meet as many different people as possible. We would be very happy to prove to you that Germans (who have a reputation of being reserved and stiff) as well as the English (we have lived there for 12 years) are friendly, helpful and welcoming. So, please, please let us know where you are going and whether you need a place to stay…

    All the best and have a wonderful time.

    Yours truly & lots of love and hugs
    Peter and Stefanie

    …and kisses from 7-year old Daphne (who loved the video of you with the elephants in Africa)

    Peter Schulz &amp; Stefanie Arnold · 3 agosto 16 · #

  186. Hello you incredible family!!

    My daughter told me today that she saw you on the MTV3 news yesterday. We were talking about you today at dinner and decided to find out your whereabouts.

    So where are you now? We understood that you are in Finland! Sorry about the weather today
    :(…it’s going to be better by the weekend.

    How about coming to Mikkeli, the small south eastern town some 230km from Helsinki!? We would love to see you here!!

    Please, give me a call/sms/email!
    Best regards Seija Prusak/+358405106784/

    Seija Prusak · 29 septiembre 16 · #

  187. Hello Herman and Family

    Where are you right now??

    We met twice at the entrance of The National Park of Ngoro’ngoro in Tanzania, Africa two Years ago…..

    I gave you my email-address…

    Hope to hear from you soon..

    Best regards

    Mr. Lars Joergen

    Lars Joergen Groenbjerg · 4 octubre 16 · #

  188. Hola family Zappas!

    X-treme few days from Dixieland (Tikkurila) via Lahti and Orimattila to cottage in Taipalsaari 30th Sept – 4th Oct/16. Superb that You made it! Meaning visit summercottage near Lappeenranta on the way to Russia. But Herman did left same coat “Hermanni” used while walking in the woods to my summercottage. I did realised it when started packing in the sunday afternoon to start my way back to home Vantaa. I even did drive to home via Finnish and Russian border in Vaalimaa, but You got too many hours before my departure that v.s.o.p Volvo R AWD 2000 povered by Rica did not met any more Graham Paige
    Limousine 1928. I did not have any phone number to give a call to contact You directly, neither I have no idea where did You head in St Petersburg. So, I have no address where to sent NORTH BEND coat. Lucky You are heading to south and warm and nothing in the pockets of the coat – only leaves from trees from tree named Koivu:) Hopefully Herman does not get cold because of this. You must get new warm one…say hello to children, too. Take care! Candy, You really are most smiling traveller I ever met and effective with packing. Good luck with new brakes on the roads to Rome… /Vesa

    +358503019702 · 6 octubre 16 · #

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    gerardo · 11 octubre 16 · #

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    Alex Serrano · 11 octubre 16 · #

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