Occurrences since October 2005

Today is the 22nd of October, we should be in La Quiaca but we are in Paraná, Entre Rios, something seemed like we what happened on the trip to Alaska. Many, before we left on this trip told us “Since you are Argentinean, I don’t think the Argentineans will invite you to stay with them the way the Latin-Americans and North Americans did.” Nevertheless, they do and we are enjoying the trip tremendously. We’ve already spent two months where we haven’t stayed one night on our own, but instead in people’s homes. We can not name everyone but we can tell you what we are doing. From our house, we went to Venado Tuerto, Firmat, Chovet, Pergamino, San Nicolás, Rosario, Casilda, Chañar Ladeado, Monet Maíz, Cañada de Gómez, Las Rosas and then Paraná. This is how we spent almost two months in Santa Fe providence alone.

We are doing very well with the book tour, giving presentations using videos and photos in the libraries, reception rooms and bookstores. The people come and they leave captivated. Another thing we’re doing during this trip, just as we did on our last journey, is to stop in the pedestrian zones of the city or the city centers to talk to people and offer our book. Many people have already heard about us and come looking to meet Pampa, our son who was born on the journey, and Tehue, the newest member of our family. Others have already read the book and happily come to meet us and say hello, to touch the car and to sit behind the wheel to feel the reality of something they had only imagined while reading the pages of the book. Others invited us to cookouts, lunches, they treat us to mate tea…they offer us so much that we believe we’ll come home with some extra weight. We stay in Rosario longer than we thought because it’s a big city and we had a ball. We go to San Nicolás for the day of the Virgin of San Nicolás. We go to the national festival of Porcino (Pork) in Chañar Ladeado where Herman is a judge to select the queen of the festival. We take part in the Fiesta of Mate in Las Rosas-Sante Fé where Chaqueño Palavecino sings. We travel from fiesta to fiesta where the Municipalities made a little place for the Graham and us.

We send to all of you a big hug from the road

Cande, Herman, Pampa and Tehue Zapp

Tres Américas Una Huella. Los Zapp. Copyright