How the trip is going

Everything is great, with wishes to travel toward the mountains, which is our next dream to accomplish (choosing a place where we’d most like to live). In the coming weeks, we will head to Córdoba and after we are there for a while, we will go to La Quiaca visiting other providences.
In the car, we carried more people but fewer things than our previous trip. The whole back seat was given over to the boys, with a basket for toys and two bookracks in the back windows to hold all the books for Pampa and Tehue. The boys are enjoying the trip, Pampa never asks “are we there yet?” instead “Where are we going?” and when we arrive in any home, his first question is “Do you have any toys?” and he goes to amuse himself, all the while playing with the kids making friends and grandparents and aunts and uncles wherever we go. He never leaves any park, circus or puppet show with out first being thoroughly entertained. Happy children, happy parents.
We will write again from Córdoba.

Tres Américas Una Huella. Los Zapp. Copyright