What happened after we returned from Alaska

Hi, how are you? We are writing from our home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, cause we have a lot to tell you about what
happened after we returned.

When Lynden brought the car by ship to Argentina and we got the car out of the container, we drove straight to the obelisk, which is a landmark in downtown Buenos Aires from where we set out on our trip. Only this time we weren’t alone as on our departure day, we were surrounded by a host of people celebrating the fulfillment of a dream. Many vintage cars toured BA along with us, friends, family, the media, even people we had never met before create a big buzz!
As Pampa enjoyed the company of grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and his pony, we set out on our trip again, but this time, we traveled by “pen and paper” We wrote the account of our trip, a task that took us eight months. We wrote down all that we felt, experienced, learned…about that conversation that touched us so much. We wrote about the people, the adventure. About love, the different places. How to run out of money changed everything, may we say, for the better. How little by little this Dream became the Dream of many. What it were like to become parents during such an experience and why when we were only 30km away from Alaska we didn’t want to get there. We didn’t want to finish.
We wrote a book, a true storybook where everybody’s dream become accomplished and inspire to everyone to fulfill theirs. Writing the book was a marvelous experience; it was amazing to relive those moments and remembering Pampa’s birth led to the desire to become parents again, to feel such happiness one more time. Why not have someone else to share our dreams with? Why not have our cup of happiness overflow again? And Tehue was born in March 2005, so we are now a family of four.

At the time Tehue turned 4 months old, Pampa 3 years of age and our book Atrapa tu Sueño ("Spark your Dream" in the English version) had been out for 8 months, we got into the 77-year-old car and set out on another trip. This time, around all Argentina touring from North to South. In those 9 months, over 16000km we collected experiences that would be tantamount to what we experienced during our trip to Alaska. Many things take place again: to be on the open road again, finding people who received us with open arms, as if they had been expecting us and feeling the freedom that you only experience while traveling.
We had over 200 invitations from all over the country, not to mention those that sprang up spontaneously. Once again, Pampa and Tehue collected a new grandpas, siblings and uncles, who bade them welcome, played and offered them a warm improvised, cozy bed. We feel that it is more than the four of us plus the Graham that these kind people offer lodgings to; they host the DREAM. Funnily enough, we had our share of visitors too! Roy, a Canadian that was our host in Canada traveled to Argentina to visit us and he even joined us for a week, sharing the trip with us on the Graham.
We were taken on joyrides on airplanes, we went horse riding in the Calchaqui valleys of the Argentine Northwest, we took part in vintage car rallies and this way the car has been also pampered and lavished with all kinds of treats too.
Getting the people caught up by the Dream, its gathers strength and the Book as well. The promotion and sale of Atrapa tu Sueño book long exceeded our expectations, becoming a best-seller. We have been around giving talks, book presentations. We have participated in events at shopping centers, at schools, at car shows and at different kind of fairs. We are still receiving rave reviews from people of all ages who have read it. It seems that a lot of people want to chase their Dream, because we have to reprint it 5 more times!

During the trip we went South to Patagonia where we both happily saw sea elephants in Peninsula Valdez, Tehue celebrated his first birthday making his first steps on the beach. Pampa willing to see penguins saw penguins by thousands. By the mythical Route 40 we kept going South. It stretches all the length of the Argentine territory and has acquired a special mystique… cause most of it is made of dirt…or rather, stones!. We helped with sheep-shearing at a sheep-ranch near the Perito Moreno Glacier. We visited the Torres del Paine Mountains, and we also took the ferryboat to the island of Tierra del Fuego, to reach the Southernmost point on the continent as part of a gorgeous parade of vintage cars.


And this brought back echoes of the time when we reached the Northernmost point of the continent, in Prudhoe Bay-Alaska, toasting and celebrating, cheering and jumping with joy. And there we felt the same again. The end of the road was there…and from then on, only the sea, as far as the eye could see…
– So Cande… now what?
– Let’s start again!

Huge snowflakes farewell us as we say goodbye to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. It was like confetti celebrating once again the fulfillment of a dream and one more time was due to the people. On one occasion, we learned of a man who bought our book, but he did it just to help us cause… he didn’t know how to read! He just wanted to be part! Or those families in that wind-swept city who wouldn’t be put off by the 65-mile gusts of winds and who turned up to see us give a book presentation as the newspaper announced.
Back at home again; both families and friends celebrate with us. And there was someone else waiting for us, Chris, from Fort Wayne, IN. She was ready to start translating our book into English for you to have the chance to read it and for us to share this dream. We do want to share this in the best way, spreading the word that dreams are more than just dreams, but a reason to live.

True there will be risks, but there can be no achievement without risk. If we stay at home taking care of nothing befall us…. How sad it would be that! Anyone who opens up their heart to people will find a human support and will get anywhere or do things that were deemed impossible. Our heart will never dream something that we are not capable of doing. We don’t have to forget that we ourselves can be our own dream worst enemy, and also be the best hope. We don’t wish you a dream without problems but the necessary strength to overcome them because it is not he who falls that makes it but he who rises back. The secret to fulfill a dream is just to…get started!

So it is back to square one! In January 2007 we expect to be back in the USA and Canada touring the country with our inseparable Graham for some 4 to 6 months. During this book tour we will share everything that we have learned, give talks at schools, universities, clubs and so on. As well as that, we will take part in car shows and similar events, exhibitions and fairs.

So if you are thinking of some event or gathering in which we may take part and share the experience, let us know! We would love to go and if we can find out in advance, we may plan ahead. In this way, you will be part of our next DREAM as you have been part of the trip to Alaska. Do you know why? Because after this promotional tour, selling the English version of the book, and in which we will visit the many friends we made during our trip to Alaska, we will set out for ASIA from the USA and in that way, we will start a new Dream… a new trip.

Fondest regards from your friends, the Dream Chasers.

Candelaria, Herman, Pampa and Tehue Zapp

Tres Américas Una Huella. Los Zapp. Copyright