Four months in the Garage (Nov 2006 – Febrero 2007)

The family got larger and the Graham got bigger!!

A word from Cande:

I know there are many car-lovers. I must confess I wasn’t one but the Graham showed me not only the places and people of this world, but also the world of cars. All of a sudden I found myself very fond of my Graham. This is why the other day, at the garage, I started writing a love letter to him:

“Dear Graham,
It’s almost 9pm and here we are, in the garage, surrounding you, almost caressing you just looking at you. The background music always accompanies you. Even this late in the day, there is so many flurries of activity around you and this tinkering that makes so much noise that the changes made on you are evident by the minute. Without planning it, wonderful people surround you. Without planning it the DREAM flourishes right here in this garage… right here around you.

You, more than one else knows about Dreams .You smell of freedom, you radiate freedom. I can tell that looking into people’s eyes who visit you. They yearn to touch you and being carried away to far off destinations just to imagine you ready for the road.

Adrian has stripped you bare and we have gotten to see your inner self. It makes me sad to see you like this, colorless, an empty shell, without displaying any of those stickers that were witnesses to your many miles on the road. I didn’t even almost want to see you and I scarcely went to visit you. Eventually I even stopped visiting you, it got me down.

Marcos, Adrian, Herman, Nat, Nino and I have started “dressing you up” again little by little. I am amazed every day when I see the dedication and care they lavish on you. But what amazed me more than that is they are willing to make you look your very best.

Now, I can’t wait to come and visit you to see how you are making progress. The guys make fun of me; I always carried the tape measure because I love to measure every inch of you. But they don’t know that this is the way I pamper you.

Thank you, Graham for adjusting yourself to our DREAM. Thank you for changing without causing any problems. Now you will carry my family and you will travel along fresh new roads.
Thanks to you, Herman, for Dreaming as I dream.

Thank you, Pampa and Tehue for not impeding us to travel and, on the contrary, to enjoy the experience of traveling as much as we do.

Thank you, Adrian, Marcos, Nat, Nino and all those who lent a helping hand. Now we are more than a work team, we are a group of friends.

A kiss to you, Graham. Cande.

Tres Américas Una Huella. Los Zapp. Copyright