VERY, VERY GOOD NEWS!!!!! (April 2007)

Hello, how is everyone? What would you say if we told you that we have some very good news? What do you think it could be?

A. We sold all the books
B. Someone wants to make a movie using our story
C. We have sponsors that are going to pay our whole trip to Asia

If your answer was A, B, or C, you are WRONG! It’s something even better

D. We’ve spent all of our money
E. Our visas were denied
F. The Graham broke down again

If you think it s D, E, or F, WRONG AGAIN! Didn’t we say that it was Good news? News that we’ve given twice already. It’s the kind of news that involves life, that are blessed and eternal.

So, what could it be? Ok, we’ll give you three clues.

1. Cande’s belly’s starting to grow, and not just because of what’s she’s eating
2. Pampa and Tehue are going to have someone new to play with
3. The Graham’s going to have to make some more space in the backseat

Because….We’re not just four anymore!!! We are 5!!!!!
That’s right!!! We are pregnant!!

There someone else who wants in December 2007 to get on board this dream making it even more dreamy!! Will it be a boy or girl? It only matters that it will be a dreamer!


We send you a huge happy hug from the 5 of us!


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