If it weren´t for moments like these….


If it weren´t for these people we´ve met…



And for these beaches…

Or places…

    I would have to admit that Mozambique was one of the most difficult countries for us and is one of the countries where we would choose not to return.   

    It is always difficult for me to point out the country I like the most, there is always something marvelous in each and every one of them, something that inspires good feelings and wonder and a desire to return some day for another visit.  It could be history, beaches, food, music, culture, people… Of course, It is easier to think of a country I would not want to return to, there are so few.  

    Most of our nights in Mozambique were spent in Missions as they came to feel like the safest places. At the missions, we were housed by nuns from Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Spain. They were always surprised to find us at their door. I have great admiration for these missionaries living in Mozambique; their lives are nowhere close to easy. I got a glimpse at how vast love for others can be and I feel deeply grateful to have experienced it.

   Sometimes I wonder, “where would we be without such people in the world?


    If it weren´t for the wonderful moments that were able to shift everything, or for the reunion with our traveling friend Charly Sinewan, if weren´t for the fondness of a few it would have been unbarable.

    We often felt not like human beings, more like walking ATMs, the word for “Money” was deeply etched in our minds and became the most common denominator when someone approached to speak with us. If we asked for directions to get to a place, we knew the answer. If we asked for help to push the car when we get stuck, we also knew the answer. “Money” was always the first answer. Without money, nothing could happen.

One day on the road to Mission of Madre Aurora. Edited by Charly. 

The following day

      One day we “lost” the gasoline jerry can, then it was Tehue’s shoes that disappeared, on another day it was the Old Car Club emblems that decorate the trunk, then a computer and backpack, and another attempt to remove a speaker.  So many of our few possessions were disappearing as we moved through Mozambique. Worse still, all at different moments. 

    In 15 years we had only lost one plastic chair and a tripod that was attached to the outside of the car. Then in just two months,  all of this.

    Of course one must take into account that Mozambique is a poor country. Unfortunately this seems to be a question not of poverty but of culture.  

Bad experience

    Finally, we were confronted with something that we had feared all through our travels in the Amazon, parts of Asia, India and especially in many countries of Africa: We discovered the reason Herman had been feeling so terrible was that he had contracted Malaria and it happened on Ibo Island, where there was no possibility to transit the car!

This is the house where we suffered Malaria


   It was 3 terrifying days of relentless high fever, muscle aches, tremors and constant bouts of shivering cold. We had to change mattresses and could even wring out the huge amounts of perspiration from the sheets, blankets and clothing.

We got back on the road with Herman in a state of weakness and it took him a couple of weeks to fully recover.

Waiting for diagnosis at the Island Hospital


    This was what happened during our two-month stay in Central and Northern Mozambique. We didn’t have the chance to visit the southern part of the country and would love to be able to say that it might be different there.

   We crossed gratefully into Tanzania, even before our visas expired. The change in culture was very welcome and we were relieved to again feel the wonderful warmth of people that has always surprised us on this journey.

   With great visions of something different we said:    

¡¡¡Chau Mozambique!!!





 Lets go even riding these kind of Taxis !!!

How not to go if all Africans recommended us to go?

 How not to go if you will encounter this joy?

    We knew little about Malawi, only what we began to hear about its good people, ets beautiful Lake and the risks of malaria and Bilharcia.

    Once we arrived to this small country it was time for everything.

    In fact, on this journey, even though the country we visit is small, we experience stops and stops

…To eat


…To have fun

…To buy



…To share



…To explore



…To celebrate Life !!!!

For all these stops, it*s worth keep going for your Dream.

"Try Again"




Uhy! We still very far !!!!

It is easy to explain to a traveler the reaction of the people when they see you coming, but… How to explain this reaction to who doesn´t travel? Or to those who don´t believe that we all have something to give?  


People is like waiting for us, as if they knew what we need at that exact moment. How to explain this wonderful Magic of the Road to someone who hasn´t walked it?

I don´t see a better way to show you than with pictures!!

Sometimes, along the way, not everything does work out as you expected it but that is the moment when other things happen.  When everything get complicated, you have to look up, where you are going… and focus only on that. 

Very ocassionaly the Graham give us trouble but here…. it seems that Graham like it very much and in this place he wanted to stay.


It was then, when this Magic that I mentioned shows his best!!!!  and that people gave, gave and gave without wanting anything in return.

The one who really want something was the Graham. We found a crack in the engine and since then were two months of comings and goings in the city of Bulawayo. It was the first time in the whole journey that we need to take the complete engine out of the car and it would be easier to tell you which things they haven´t done to the engine. 

Meanwhile we made many, many friends and enjoy with them special moments.

We had never been so long without seeing each other.  We miss each other a lot, I was 40 km from Herman in Ethandweni Home where Lucien open to us the doors of this incredible place!! And… Herman was in Bulawayo coming and going to the Home whenever he could.

Six more beautiful houses hosted us in the city and even some people gave us cars to be able to move around. 

What an incredible Magic !!!

It is so, that Christmas arrives and we spent this special ocassion surrounded by friends.

And so it was all Zimbabwe, since we got here until we left!!! We collected friends and also the kids did.

If you will ask Tehue to which country he would return back, he will answer Zimbabwe!!!

If you ask us to which National Park we would return back, we will answer Mana Pools!!!


On the way to Victoria Falls…

Yes!!!! Finally we’d arrived to Victoria Falls, one of those places in the journey that I use to set as a goal.  In the time we set them, they look so far in the map but finally we always get there. At our low pace but we get there!!! And what we never expected was to experience so much adrenaline… 

How small one feels….

To see the kids at the edge of it, frightened me!!! One thing is one, the other is to see your children!!!

We focus to go to Lusaka, Zambia’s capital, so then we can go to a big National Park named Kafue. We were in contact with Charly Sinewan, a Spanish traveler who we met in Cape Town for only one day. He is amazing, he goes solo around the world in his motorbike. That short encounter 6 month ago it was enough to want to share more together. We are in the same continent, so we should meet again! While we were trying to arrange in which part of Zambia we will meet, it couldn’t be better than see him coming in the opposite way in the same road! 

It is great to travel with another traveler. Not only we share kilometers but similar feelings, sometimes it is not even necessary to explain, with only one expression is enough to know what we both think. We can understand those people that tell us that our dream is an inspiration to them because we also get inspire with someone like Charly, who is very happy doing what he wants to do in this life.

We not only have fun together but also we take the chance to challenge ourselves even more. We decide to get into Kafue Nat. Park by a small track that was not even showing in the GPS. It is nobody around and we try to manage under supposed directions, driving on a very narrow road, sandy and isolated where Charly’s motorbike more than once fell in the sand.

It is getting dark and we see even less to be able to find our way around. It is completely prohibited to camp in this area due to the danger of lions, leopards and elephants, and for the same reason it is prohibited to enter in motorbike. Every now and then the road is blocked by a tree that was pulled by elephants but we manage to continue along the side moving branches.

There are so many kilometers to drive at such a slow speed and night surprises us, the bike had an electronic problem and there, we had to camp protected by a fire that we improvise to frighten the animals. Nobody could go too far to go to toilet, nobody could go far from our simple settlement …..that was the rule.  

We go to bed feeling a little bit nervous but after so much adrenaline we slept like kings.

Charly could fix his bike and early we went without leaving behind any sign of our campsite, we even hide the trace. If someone notice we could have many problems.

Just a few kilometers from there we are attacked by the TSE TSE flies, they manage to enter through any hole as our windows doesn’t close tidily, not even the windshield does it. They foccus on you to bite you and HURTS! AUCH! Hurts a lot. Suddenly we became like crazy guys, they were so many that we start hitting between us to be able to kill them. Right away the kids find the way to have fun, so we scream “Attaaaaaaack!!!!” so then they start to hit to kill them in the roof, doors, backs, heads and necks and at the same time we were laughing with laughter we were suffering the heat.

We’ve never saw something like this, the car is surrounded by flies and it is very hard to see, as they are all around the face, windshield…. Everywhere. We didn’t slow down until we could escape from that area and we finally did, with a lot of lumps but we DID!!!

That same night we arrive at destination to a camp where Eric and Nancy host us. They are Dennis parents who took us ballooning in Namibia. We spend 4 days in the Park and after another TSE TSE Attack Charly left and some days later we return back to Lusaka where we spend our last night in Zambia at the Firefighters Station.  


Frightened by 7 and a half tons!!!!





We slept in this place without being able to sneak out of the car from 7 pm onwards as we could hear lions roaring all around us. This night was something to tell!!

Then we found remains like these…


And animals like this one!


And punctures as this ones !!! But having this team who cares, everything can be solved. Specially with the help of Wallaby who doesn't miss the opportunity to play with his cars in the sand. 


We will get very far with all of them!




         If we could see life from another place, we would see millions of opportunities.

The majority thinks that there is only one way of living life and there they stay… stuck. “This is what I am called to do” they say “What can I do?” and there they stay… without trying.  

If we could raise us as birds and fly slowly just to be able to see and think, we would discover the variety that exists and that ours is only one of them.

Most of them will take you to be Happy. Why not try? Why not give ourselves a chance?

These were my thoughts when used to see the World from the ground, from the Grahams wheels, from its windshield, I saw it this time from above.

The children has this ability to see… Why don’t we see it when we grow? In which moment we became blind? In which moment we lost our wings?  

We see it in constant motion, change… and in that movement we see landscapes, very different one from another one.

Animals, variety of animals.

We sometimes get stuck but we look for the way to keep in motion. Even it is hot, even some of the sand returns back into the pit when shoveling it, even it takes more time and effort than expected, even there are lions around…we do it to keep moving and see more… more ways of living life.  

People, variety of people, cultures.

And then realize the different ways of being Happy.  


This is our 4×4 in the oldest desert of the World.




We planned to travel through for Africa in one year, as the kids grow very fast and so do we.

“Which coast? East or West?” we asked ourselves while looking at the map in a truck of Dutch travelers that were camping next to us in India.

We travel with our fingered map routes in a continent which we think is huge, or better said is enormous.

“East” we decided. “It is where more animals are.”




    As a child I always wanted to come to Africa and I could not get in better time than the day of my birthday. It is the best gift I could have received.

Meeting the car in the Port of Durban after 2 months of not seeing him; is exciting. Even the kids were moved. For them the car is not only that, it is their home; it contains their toys, their books and their imagination.

    For me, seeing the car means journeys, roads travelled, moments and experiences… It is incredible to contemplate the car stepping for first time on the African Continent and see our encounter with him in this new place of the world. What I feel is very strong. I imagine in this moment everything that may happen in these lands or what lies ahead: The surprises, the challenges, and all the good that is still to come. It also scares me, but it moves me. I know that adventure and challenges will come and at the same time I love it. I caress his fender and I am moved into tears. I welcome him to our new destination: South Africa!

Herman: The first feeling that I have on having come to the African Soil, is that I get to the land of my ancestors… a few generations ago, a few thousands of years ago, my ancestors… began a journey from Africa to Europe and from there to America. We traveled through Australia and then Asia to come to Africa! Now, from South Africa we will reach Europe and from there America. It is a journey to begin again and follow in my ancestors footprints.      

My great – great – great – great GrandPa.

Speaking of beginning again… We should have begun the trip here! It is here that we find the answer. The questions that we are always asked by people are: What we are going to do if the money runs out or if we get sick, what will happen if the car breaks down and where do we get spares from? Answer to all these questions in South Africa is simple "A boer maak plan" (We'll make a plan) and as they also say it is 100% true.

In addition: Do you know how a man eats a whole elephant in Africa?

One bite at a time!

And is exactly this way, how we are accomplishing our Dream.

But the truth is…it is good that we haven’t begun in South Africa. The fact is that the plan before coming was only to stay for 2 months. Actually, in just a few days we will fulfill a year of being in this country! Plus, if we started here 13 years ago… we would still continue here. We feel at home. It is difficult to choose which family to call, when we have as nice and as many invitations. Some here, others over there, no matter where they are… we feel at home with the 74 families with whom we stay. They love their land, they understand dreams, travel and adventures, are very family oriented. It is totally natural for them to accommodate us and as always: “A boer maak a plan”.

With diamond divers, with pilots of small planes, with farmers, bishops and nuns, with collectors of steam train and cars, restorers, on vineyards, farms, missions, in cities, in Zulu houses, in hotels of all stars, on game farms with wild animals and safaris… with all of them and more, we’ve stayed.

          A Vintage Car Train designed by Wilfred Mole in Sandstone Estates pulling the car.

Oxen and an Ox Wagon in Sandstone Estates pulling the car. Fun!!


    If we came to Africa to see animals, this was a great start. It is a completely different world and with so many National parks. In a single day we saw 14 rhinoceros or a group of 9 lions or elephants, giraffes, wild boar, zebras, cheetahs, antelopes and more… Even in a town we have come across a hippopotamus that was wandering down the street.


Scotia Safaris




 “Where would you like to go on your first day in South Africa?” ask the owner of the Bed and Breakfast when we arrived in Johannesburg. Then he continues: “Here in this city there are many things to do, science and history museums to visit, craft markets, you can go to a nearby park or you can go with the kids to…”

Herman interrupts him. “Where is the closest butchery?”

The bewildered man does not understand, but we do. Coming from Tibet, Nepal and India where we were almost vegetarian we had to find a butchery. What good meat it is:  LEKKER! BAIE LEKKER!

This way we said our good-byes thinking what a nice welcome to Africa we have had!

Even the Graham is grateful for all those services, repairs, replacement parts and its new wheels it has received.

Brian Style                                                           Professional Helpers!!!








Mouton to our rescue  –  Brian y Paul Koski, new axles


South Africa has everything and gave us everything. Thank you very much!

We are already missing you a lot!!!


 Caves of more than 2000 years old, India“What are you going to do when you finish?”

“The end doesn't exist… the end… There's a starting point for everything, but the finish line is just another starting point, and the end another beginning.”

“So… death seems the only end to everything.”

“Death... death is the beginning of another journey.”

He sits in silence for a while. “So what then will you begin when you’ll leave India?” He fixes his question to my previous comment.

“India was a goal for us, the beginning point to our return home, a direct return, by ship for the car and by plane for us.”

Now in India… we can't see how to finish… can't see why not to keep on going… and where? How? We ask ourselves, we don't know, what we do know is that we want to continue, we spoke with our children and none of us can see ourselves returning. We see ourselves discovering something 'further' and discovering ourselves in that place.

Rowing in the Ganges River, India

One is born in a place, in a family, in a society, with a religion, a social status… and from the very first moments that we are born we are covered with a blanket to keep us warm, with hugs, with education, with rules. People cover us to take care of us but of so much covering us, they also cover us of fears, that this is the 'correct' way to live, this is the only religion, they cover us with commodities and commercials… with your dream car… They cover us so much that we don’t have chance to discover how we are… we can't blossom. So much covering of fear that it doesn’t let us believe that we could be different from others and just be… us.

Our host in a farm in India

We went to discover Asia... but Asia has always been there, it was us that we UN…covered ourselves… of rules, life styles, religions... We took away so many prejudices that we feel free…less limited... with more air... more ideas… more motivation… and how do you stop someone who has motivation? How can we go back if we never really left?

 “So then where are you going?”

“In Goa we met a German traveler who was returning by boat, his truck fit into a big container leaving just enough room for our car, he offered us the space for free”

“So you are going to Germany, then?”

“We answered, no. It's that a trip to Europe, it's that we have always imagined it as the end of a journey. We decided to go to Africa.

”But to give up the chances of sending your car by boat for free, it's an opportunity that doesn't present itself everyday and you had to take advantage.” I think that he saw the security of it more than the opportunity in it “Besides Africa is very dangerous.”

Two months camping in Goa, India“We talked about it and our hearts lean towards Africa... our fears tell us to go to Europe, our thoughts the same... but our hearts tell us Africa.”

“And do you already know how you are going to get there?”

“No, I also don't have any way figured out yet, contacts or ideas... but we have faith. We are going to Mumbai and we'll start ringing doorbells, looking for those people who want to take part in this dream. We are going to look for those people who know that money isn't everything, who know that giving is receiving, who know that life is but a dream and that even being part of a dream can complete your life.”

The man looks for a different subject... it could be that this is over his head or that he is straight in his way of thinking. It could also be that he hasn't yet discovered the way to think differently.

I wrote this, with memories and notes from when we were in Agonda, Goa, India. Today I write from Dubai having been to Mumbai and after to Delhi, having discovered that Dreamer after ringing many doorbells. That dreamer who wanted to be part of this dream, that in the end wasn't only one but many, too many. Having discovered again that the most beautiful thing that God created on this marvelous planet is humanity, that even if we aren't from where they are from, aren't the same religion as them, aren't so many things...they continue to help us chase our dream!

Mr. S. Hajara, Shipping Corporation of IndiaShipping Corporation of India

We would like to thank Shipping Corporation of India who even though does not travel to Africa, looked for and paid for another company to provide the service to us. We would like to thank the enthusiasts of Antique Cars from Mumbai and Delhi for collecting the money to pay the shipping to Africa. One day after collecting the money this shipping company appeared so the enthusiasts decided to cover the costs of our tickets, thank you to the Anda family who causally work in the Emirates and got us the best price...

For many, we are very lucky... We know we have a lot of faith and many blessings, which help us to take risks, which help us discover ourselves.

Car Enthusiasts of MumbaiCar Enthusiasts of Pune and Mumbai

Thanks to Perseus Bandrawalla, Gautam Mani, Dev Bakshi, Akthtar Rangoonwala, Dhananjay Badamikar, Indraneel Mukherjee, Jaggi Nanda, Harit Trivedi, Dnyahesh Samant, Sameer Kadam, Amol Nayak, Solanki Brothers, Makrand Baokar, Cyrus Dhabar, Hormusji Cama, Aspi Batiwala, Amit Sapre, S.S. Dabholkar, Daniel Kliwitzsky, Car Enthusiasts in MumbaiHemant Kanoria, Karl Bhote, Jayesh Shah, Jacob Varghese, Manan Sagar, Kp, Subbiah, Adheesh Parelkar, Archit Kulkarni, Shreenivasan, Anirrudh Kasliwal, Sangram Shirke, Vinay Gurav, Digamber Yadav, Jehangir Bhoot, Rajan Dandekar, Subhash Karmarkar, Sidhartha Khona, Rony & Rohan Vesuna, Rasool Husseini, Girish Singh, Percy Malloo, Anil Jain, Ravi Nene, Maraspand Dadachanji, Darius Naterwala, Shahrukh Bhathena, Deepak Velankar, Ganesh U Patel, Shiv Gaekwar, Fali Dhondy, Chander Gandhi, Venkatesh, Amal Tanna, Ameet Barot, K. Shreenivasan, Danny Manyar, Ashustosh Ghanekar, Prabal Banerji, Mr Chavan, Kiran Shantaram, Pilzad Master, Nikhil Kalbag, Pestonji Bhujwala, Shrivardhan Chennai, Nial Doherty, Mahableshwar Run Gang, Viraf Vatcha, Chamundeshwari Bhogilal Chinai, Mercedes Benz Club, Rajesh Malhotra, Prithvi Tagore, Manoj Sadrangani, all enthusiast of Car Clubs of Mumbai and their families.

Car Enthusiasts in New Delhi

Thank you Ron, Taruj Madan, Shiviaj Amand, Atul Amand, Prabal Banerjee, Chasaujir Srghi, neelu Kaircker, Shiva Nadlur, Shiva Jalk, Sandeep Katasi, Jassi Family, K.D., and other members of the Heritage Motoring Club of india in Delhi and their families.

Mr. Nitin Dossa, Automovile Associatin of Western India Thank you to the Automobile Association of Western India, Nitin Dossa, thanks for the support!

Mr. Shudir VasudevaThanks to Aakriti Vasudeva, Shudir Vasudeva, S. Hajara, to J.N. Das, Capt. Praveen Kumar, Manoj Arora, Manickraj N. Nadar and many, many more!

Satish family where we stayed a couple of daysThanks to Sebastian Marikkal for putting us up with your family, thanks Satish and Nick Hill for sharing your home, thanks to Maraspan for leaving our car in tip top shape to travel to Africa. Thank you India for opening our minds, for reminding us that a developed and rich country is that which is family and spiritually oriented. Thanks to Ernesto Alvarez and the Argentine Embassy for receiving us so kindly and making us feel so at home, and for your support.

Sebastian Family, Mumbai, our hosts

 Thank you S V.S. Kulkarmi for supporting us from the port, Kenneth Paul for wanting to try, Sharmile Ganesan, Parvez


Patel..and many many more… Like Carsten Wendt, Capt Kay-Edzard Goldenstein for wanting to take us in your boats to Africa free of charge and not being able to do so calling others who would be able to, though in the end we weren't able to travel with you because of dates.

Carsten Wendt and Capt Kay-Edzard GoldesteinMr. Satish, Boxco, Mumbai, car already in Container to go to South Africa

Thank you Prudential Global Logistic, Thank you Percy M. Master, thank you Rickmers Linie.

From Dubai, doors away from beginning again with a lot of fears and doubts, we thank you, yes you who are reading, more than anyone, you, for keeping us company, for pushing us along when we need it, for always being there. We don’t feel alone, we are with you, thanks.

The Zapp family, the little Zapps, your family

Khajuraho Temples in India



Viaje Asia



              Korea Villages                             Cande in a ride, Japon  


Ruins of Nuclear Bomb, Hiroshima, Japon    

144 147

 Our home for 10 days, Philippines                 Fixing the Graham                          


        Tied here, tied there. One wheel stays here, the other one there. And the trunk?    


                               A walk in good company                     Kids with kids


Muslim Wedding, Brunei


Elephants in Sumatra, Indonesia


¡¡Hurra Mami!!!!


          Universal Studios, Singapur                                     Buda and Wallaby, Thailand


158    ANKOR WAT



The Killing Fields, Cambodia


        Children Monks, Laos                                     A Taxi ride, Thailand


I was expecting you for lunch...  China 


Forgive us Panda we had a little problem -¡¡PUSH!!


The Great Wall China


Soldiers protecting the Queen and the Princess                     When the battle was over.


Pampa surrounded by Monks. Tibet


Meeting with Pilgrims. Tibet                                         At 5231 mt. above sea level


A mix of Dreams and ...


... love. A real witness, Mt Everest. Tibet


The Beginning of a New Chapter



Everything comes when you only focus in the next town. And once there, how to get to the next town, city, beach, mountain. So…. until next frontier, continent.

Our desired Asian land finally arrived! It looked so far for us… is so far. And here is the Graham and our family after 10 years of this lifestyle that does nothing but bring us new challenges and new ways of seeing life. 




Surprisingly SOUTH KOREA


What a surprise is Korea! Good Start.

We arrive to South Korea thanks to Swire Shipping Company that brought the car all the way from New Zealand with no charge. The angels still exist in our road.

We will let you know about Korea very soon.  



Konichua JAPAN! Surprisingly


Now we are in Japan. We apologize for the delay on updating the web, we are traveling a lot and there is almost no internet when we camp in the mountains or beaches that are around here. If there is anything we imagine of Japan is totally different from the imagined. We thought about Japan: people everywhere, urban places all around it, but is not like that. We will take longer than planned, as always. We wish the heat subsides a bit. Since 130 years ago that it wasn’t so hot… and here we are… driving a Graham with wind conditioner.

We will tell you more about Japan.










camioneta verde 


If I could express exactly what I feel, I'm sure that you will feel more touched. If you travel even a little, you will also feel more touched. 


Sometimes I think that I have lived so much in these last 10 years of my life, that what is coming tomorrow will not surprise me. I think falsely. There is always something that arouses in me a different feeling.



We arrived in New Zealand in February 2010. We are six, we are many guests for many houses where only one couple lives, not to mention when a family of 5 suddenly becomes a family of 11 for a few days! When we left their places, I asked to myself… will they feel a great void or totally relaxed? Through the emails we  receive, it seems that they miss us the same way we miss them. This following email is one of them:

Rose and J“Hey Beautiful people!!!

Firstly big hugs to EVERYONE of YOU!!!!!!

Baaaaaaaack at you. House is way too quiet. Hoping you are being blessed by good weather down there. ? Even up here it feels like Autumn is upon us. Still lovely but not quite the usual summer we get spoiled in Nelson.

But our hightlight was you guys coming to visit and being able to share some time with you all. We really do love your family! You are on the board above my desk so every day I feel happy with fond memories and your voices still fill the house! 

 Ok big hi’s and hugs from us all! J Rose and Tas xxxxx “


This was an email from this amazing family in Nelson, who devoted an entire week to us. We met Tas in Australia for five minutes and he invited us to his home in N. Zealand. Since we arrived we were spoiled, they took us to sail a sailing boat, they took care of our four kids so we can spend a day at the beach and go to the movies alone. They invited us to stay at one hotel for a night in front of a bay, and they organize a talk for us, with desserts that they had spent the whole day preparing. They got people to donate coffee and different products for a raffle. They invited a sweet lady who played  music with her harp, and other  people who helped. All because of this ‘dream’ that comes alive when all this happens!

firmandosala llena


The room fills and we talk, people cry and applaud, the dessert is finished, the raffles are drawn and we autograph books. A special night that shows me again and again what I think and feel right now in this farm surrounded by 3000 sheep. The same thoughts that I had yesterday when we left the house of Beatrice on the Otago Peninsula. Or three days ago when on the road the same day we had two flat tires running out of spare ones and stopped at a farm where they had patches that sorted our problem. Or a week ago, when a professor of Invercagill becomes our host and leads us to the school, where after spreading the wonder of dreaming to 100 students, they sang Happy Birthday to Wallaby (1) and Tehue (5) in a decorated room with colorful balloons. And if I go back, you will be filled with names, stories and places where we stayed for three months since we arrived in these islands, such as names of people who set up the car as if it were theirs, or that took  us to fish.



I travel, and I feel the people's strength, my strength, yours, ours. What people can achieve, what I can achieve, what you can achieve, what we can accomplish. And when it’s accomplished, how well people feel, how good I feel, how good you feel, how well we feel.


I travel, and in my mind I can see those faces that welcome the 6 of us to their home, I see a smile and in their eyes I see that strength, what they can achieve, how good they feel. It is contagious, and we get involved, then we leave to be with another contagious face.

casa fotografoEspaniolamotoqueros


So this was New Zealand, from house to house, in town to cities, beaches, mountains, valleys and fields. A place where everything is in harmony, where, after each curve postcard scenery is perfectly visible.

hippiecurvatehue paisaje


Thanks ‘Kiwis’ for showing to me once again the strength that this World can have, and show me my strength and fortitude that this dream has won in the last 10 years.


Here's to this wonderful decade! I make a toast for Herman and my four children who cheer my days, and also for our car Graham Paige, that had never imagined to be travelling through these distant lands.

chicos ventanayo manejando

Wally atardecer


See you later!!

Cande and all the Family! 

Loop around Australia


Yellows 1

The thousands of miles traveled crossing the Rockies was worth it!

Yellows 2  Yellows 3

   That white wall behind the car is Snow!    We went to Glacier National Park where we flew like eagles. I hope the kids remember always that they are like eagles….not chickens!


     And we arrived at Yellowstone!                But the car overheated!

 Yellows 4   Yellows 5


 But the Graham sleeps as snug as a bug in a rug!  

                            Y 6                       


 Inside the Graham we feel at home, we even have a DVD player!



Yellows 7







Imagine that you can spend a night in the best 5 stars hotel which includes a wonderful meal… but only for you. What would you prefer, that hotel or camping with your loved ones? So why not look for more of those unforgettable moments that cost nothing and bring us so many memories?


Y 8Y 8


 How much does it cost to go for a walk? How much does it cost our time? Which is the best way to invest it? How can we invest it the best? The biggest fortune doesn’t fill pockets, it fill hearts!!The one who has his heart full, is the millonaire. And it can be filled little by little with small investments…like…

Short walks….


Y 10 Y 12


Spending little moments with loved ones…   


Y 13


New Friends...


Y 14
And, the heart begins to fill... but don’t leave aside the best investment ever... we must always take care of the most beautiful investment, giving the best of ourself.
Y 15



I know, that I didn’t bring anything with me when I was born… and I won’t take anything to the next life… Only I’ll take what I lived, so… I want to invest all my life simply in that! In living!! And that way of  living is our Dream!



Y 15
I want to find reasons to jump of happines!!And I do found them every day! 
I keep falling in love with whom I’am already in love, as I found the treasure at the end of the Rainbow!
Y 16


Does it exist a better way to start a day than waking up in the morning and see beside you the person that you love the most in the world!! And just a little over there the product of that love!!! It can’t be a better start!!!  One can feel as a millionaire, as for being one of it’s just a feeling. And I believe I am! as I feel it!


Y 17  Y 19

So… if happiness means to be close to the one we love… let’s focus on that!!!




Today I fell in love again...

About the other woman that when I saw her I realized that she is this class of woman, that one can’t stop falling in love with, that she can do whatever she wants because my love for her will forgive everything. A love that asks nothing in return and I will give everything to make her happy.

How could I not fall in love? She has these eyes with a look so but so pure, her skin so perfect, flawless…and her hand…so soft… With just one look you can’t help but fall in love. The first thing that one wants to do is hold her and feel her close to ones heart…its beautiful! I want to dance with her, I want to walk hand in hand to the park with her, I want to have those never ending conversations with her. I feel so much, and yet I just met you today…

Today Paloma you arrived in the world and you already have stolen someone’s heart. I am so in love it brings tears to my eyes, I feel wonderfully happy. To hold in my arms my little princess, how can I explain to you…?
Welcome to a wonderful world, a beautiful world that wants to be part of your life, of your Dreams. Welcome Paloma, my daughter…

VERY, VERY GOOD NEWS!!!!! (April 2007)

Hello, how is everyone? What would you say if we told you that we have some very good news? What do you think it could be?

A. We sold all the books
B. Someone wants to make a movie using our story
C. We have sponsors that are going to pay our whole trip to Asia

If your answer was A, B, or C, you are WRONG! It’s something even better

D. We’ve spent all of our money
E. Our visas were denied
F. The Graham broke down again

If you think it s D, E, or F, WRONG AGAIN! Didn’t we say that it was Good news? News that we’ve given twice already. It’s the kind of news that involves life, that are blessed and eternal.

So, what could it be? Ok, we’ll give you three clues.

1. Cande’s belly’s starting to grow, and not just because of what’s she’s eating
2. Pampa and Tehue are going to have someone new to play with
3. The Graham’s going to have to make some more space in the backseat

Because….We’re not just four anymore!!! We are 5!!!!!
That’s right!!! We are pregnant!!

There someone else who wants in December 2007 to get on board this dream making it even more dreamy!! Will it be a boy or girl? It only matters that it will be a dreamer!


We send you a huge happy hug from the 5 of us!


Four months in the Garage (Nov 2006 – Febrero 2007)

The family got larger and the Graham got bigger!!

A word from Cande:

I know there are many car-lovers. I must confess I wasn’t one but the Graham showed me not only the places and people of this world, but also the world of cars. All of a sudden I found myself very fond of my Graham. This is why the other day, at the garage, I started writing a love letter to him:

“Dear Graham,
It’s almost 9pm and here we are, in the garage, surrounding you, almost caressing you just looking at you. The background music always accompanies you. Even this late in the day, there is so many flurries of activity around you and this tinkering that makes so much noise that the changes made on you are evident by the minute. Without planning it, wonderful people surround you. Without planning it the DREAM flourishes right here in this garage… right here around you.

You, more than one else knows about Dreams .You smell of freedom, you radiate freedom. I can tell that looking into people’s eyes who visit you. They yearn to touch you and being carried away to far off destinations just to imagine you ready for the road.

Adrian has stripped you bare and we have gotten to see your inner self. It makes me sad to see you like this, colorless, an empty shell, without displaying any of those stickers that were witnesses to your many miles on the road. I didn’t even almost want to see you and I scarcely went to visit you. Eventually I even stopped visiting you, it got me down.

Marcos, Adrian, Herman, Nat, Nino and I have started “dressing you up” again little by little. I am amazed every day when I see the dedication and care they lavish on you. But what amazed me more than that is they are willing to make you look your very best.

Now, I can’t wait to come and visit you to see how you are making progress. The guys make fun of me; I always carried the tape measure because I love to measure every inch of you. But they don’t know that this is the way I pamper you.

Thank you, Graham for adjusting yourself to our DREAM. Thank you for changing without causing any problems. Now you will carry my family and you will travel along fresh new roads.
Thanks to you, Herman, for Dreaming as I dream.

Thank you, Pampa and Tehue for not impeding us to travel and, on the contrary, to enjoy the experience of traveling as much as we do.

Thank you, Adrian, Marcos, Nat, Nino and all those who lent a helping hand. Now we are more than a work team, we are a group of friends.

A kiss to you, Graham. Cande.

Lujan Zoo: Close to our home

What happened after we returned from Alaska

Hi, how are you? We are writing from our home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, cause we have a lot to tell you about what
happened after we returned.

When Lynden brought the car by ship to Argentina and we got the car out of the container, we drove straight to the obelisk, which is a landmark in downtown Buenos Aires from where we set out on our trip. Only this time we weren’t alone as on our departure day, we were surrounded by a host of people celebrating the fulfillment of a dream. Many vintage cars toured BA along with us, friends, family, the media, even people we had never met before create a big buzz!
As Pampa enjoyed the company of grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and his pony, we set out on our trip again, but this time, we traveled by “pen and paper” We wrote the account of our trip, a task that took us eight months. We wrote down all that we felt, experienced, learned…about that conversation that touched us so much. We wrote about the people, the adventure. About love, the different places. How to run out of money changed everything, may we say, for the better. How little by little this Dream became the Dream of many. What it were like to become parents during such an experience and why when we were only 30km away from Alaska we didn’t want to get there. We didn’t want to finish.
We wrote a book, a true storybook where everybody’s dream become accomplished and inspire to everyone to fulfill theirs. Writing the book was a marvelous experience; it was amazing to relive those moments and remembering Pampa’s birth led to the desire to become parents again, to feel such happiness one more time. Why not have someone else to share our dreams with? Why not have our cup of happiness overflow again? And Tehue was born in March 2005, so we are now a family of four.

At the time Tehue turned 4 months old, Pampa 3 years of age and our book Atrapa tu Sueño ("Spark your Dream" in the English version) had been out for 8 months, we got into the 77-year-old car and set out on another trip. This time, around all Argentina touring from North to South. In those 9 months, over 16000km we collected experiences that would be tantamount to what we experienced during our trip to Alaska. Many things take place again: to be on the open road again, finding people who received us with open arms, as if they had been expecting us and feeling the freedom that you only experience while traveling.
We had over 200 invitations from all over the country, not to mention those that sprang up spontaneously. Once again, Pampa and Tehue collected a new grandpas, siblings and uncles, who bade them welcome, played and offered them a warm improvised, cozy bed. We feel that it is more than the four of us plus the Graham that these kind people offer lodgings to; they host the DREAM. Funnily enough, we had our share of visitors too! Roy, a Canadian that was our host in Canada traveled to Argentina to visit us and he even joined us for a week, sharing the trip with us on the Graham.
We were taken on joyrides on airplanes, we went horse riding in the Calchaqui valleys of the Argentine Northwest, we took part in vintage car rallies and this way the car has been also pampered and lavished with all kinds of treats too.
Getting the people caught up by the Dream, its gathers strength and the Book as well. The promotion and sale of Atrapa tu Sueño book long exceeded our expectations, becoming a best-seller. We have been around giving talks, book presentations. We have participated in events at shopping centers, at schools, at car shows and at different kind of fairs. We are still receiving rave reviews from people of all ages who have read it. It seems that a lot of people want to chase their Dream, because we have to reprint it 5 more times!

During the trip we went South to Patagonia where we both happily saw sea elephants in Peninsula Valdez, Tehue celebrated his first birthday making his first steps on the beach. Pampa willing to see penguins saw penguins by thousands. By the mythical Route 40 we kept going South. It stretches all the length of the Argentine territory and has acquired a special mystique… cause most of it is made of dirt…or rather, stones!. We helped with sheep-shearing at a sheep-ranch near the Perito Moreno Glacier. We visited the Torres del Paine Mountains, and we also took the ferryboat to the island of Tierra del Fuego, to reach the Southernmost point on the continent as part of a gorgeous parade of vintage cars.


And this brought back echoes of the time when we reached the Northernmost point of the continent, in Prudhoe Bay-Alaska, toasting and celebrating, cheering and jumping with joy. And there we felt the same again. The end of the road was there…and from then on, only the sea, as far as the eye could see…
– So Cande… now what?
– Let’s start again!

Huge snowflakes farewell us as we say goodbye to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. It was like confetti celebrating once again the fulfillment of a dream and one more time was due to the people. On one occasion, we learned of a man who bought our book, but he did it just to help us cause… he didn’t know how to read! He just wanted to be part! Or those families in that wind-swept city who wouldn’t be put off by the 65-mile gusts of winds and who turned up to see us give a book presentation as the newspaper announced.
Back at home again; both families and friends celebrate with us. And there was someone else waiting for us, Chris, from Fort Wayne, IN. She was ready to start translating our book into English for you to have the chance to read it and for us to share this dream. We do want to share this in the best way, spreading the word that dreams are more than just dreams, but a reason to live.

True there will be risks, but there can be no achievement without risk. If we stay at home taking care of nothing befall us…. How sad it would be that! Anyone who opens up their heart to people will find a human support and will get anywhere or do things that were deemed impossible. Our heart will never dream something that we are not capable of doing. We don’t have to forget that we ourselves can be our own dream worst enemy, and also be the best hope. We don’t wish you a dream without problems but the necessary strength to overcome them because it is not he who falls that makes it but he who rises back. The secret to fulfill a dream is just to…get started!

So it is back to square one! In January 2007 we expect to be back in the USA and Canada touring the country with our inseparable Graham for some 4 to 6 months. During this book tour we will share everything that we have learned, give talks at schools, universities, clubs and so on. As well as that, we will take part in car shows and similar events, exhibitions and fairs.

So if you are thinking of some event or gathering in which we may take part and share the experience, let us know! We would love to go and if we can find out in advance, we may plan ahead. In this way, you will be part of our next DREAM as you have been part of the trip to Alaska. Do you know why? Because after this promotional tour, selling the English version of the book, and in which we will visit the many friends we made during our trip to Alaska, we will set out for ASIA from the USA and in that way, we will start a new Dream… a new trip.

Fondest regards from your friends, the Dream Chasers.

Candelaria, Herman, Pampa and Tehue Zapp

August 2005 – May 2006: Traveling around the whole country of Argentina

We leave once again in Macondo Cambalache, with passengers Pampa, 3 years old and Tehue, 4 months headed in the direction of La Quinaca to later turn around south to get all the way to Ushuaia. We will travel for sure through the providences of Santa Fé, Chaco, Córoba, San Luis, Tucumán, Salta, Jujuy, Mendoza, Catamarca, San Juan, La Rioja, Neuguén, La Pampa, Santa Cruz, Chubut, Río Negro, and Tierra del Fuego. We will go to the big cities and the small villages. Why? We want to continue traveling!! We want to keep meeting new people. We have already received many wonderful invitations to various places and we want to go visit them. We experience the same thing that we lived in the four years of our previous trip. Nothing has changed, the people are the same here as there and we thoroughly enjoy ourselves. Sincere thanks for that.
We go to introduce the book “Atrapa tu Sueño”- “Spark your Dream” to some places where they have already heard about our book, and other places where they haven’t.
If you live there, or know someone who would like us to visit or can recommend a place people would like us to give a presentation about the book, tell us and off we’ll go!
While you’re reading this news, we are driving around at 30 miles an hour chasing our dream to some other new destination. Please stay in contact via email, we don’t want to loose touch.
A big hug and fond farewell!!!! Vroom, vroom, beep, beep.
Candelaria, Herman, Pampa and Tehue Zapp

How the trip is going

Everything is great, with wishes to travel toward the mountains, which is our next dream to accomplish (choosing a place where we’d most like to live). In the coming weeks, we will head to Córdoba and after we are there for a while, we will go to La Quiaca visiting other providences.
In the car, we carried more people but fewer things than our previous trip. The whole back seat was given over to the boys, with a basket for toys and two bookracks in the back windows to hold all the books for Pampa and Tehue. The boys are enjoying the trip, Pampa never asks “are we there yet?” instead “Where are we going?” and when we arrive in any home, his first question is “Do you have any toys?” and he goes to amuse himself, all the while playing with the kids making friends and grandparents and aunts and uncles wherever we go. He never leaves any park, circus or puppet show with out first being thoroughly entertained. Happy children, happy parents.
We will write again from Córdoba.

Occurrences since October 2005

Today is the 22nd of October, we should be in La Quiaca but we are in Paraná, Entre Rios, something seemed like we what happened on the trip to Alaska. Many, before we left on this trip told us “Since you are Argentinean, I don’t think the Argentineans will invite you to stay with them the way the Latin-Americans and North Americans did.” Nevertheless, they do and we are enjoying the trip tremendously. We’ve already spent two months where we haven’t stayed one night on our own, but instead in people’s homes. We can not name everyone but we can tell you what we are doing. From our house, we went to Venado Tuerto, Firmat, Chovet, Pergamino, San Nicolás, Rosario, Casilda, Chañar Ladeado, Monet Maíz, Cañada de Gómez, Las Rosas and then Paraná. This is how we spent almost two months in Santa Fe providence alone.

We are doing very well with the book tour, giving presentations using videos and photos in the libraries, reception rooms and bookstores. The people come and they leave captivated. Another thing we’re doing during this trip, just as we did on our last journey, is to stop in the pedestrian zones of the city or the city centers to talk to people and offer our book. Many people have already heard about us and come looking to meet Pampa, our son who was born on the journey, and Tehue, the newest member of our family. Others have already read the book and happily come to meet us and say hello, to touch the car and to sit behind the wheel to feel the reality of something they had only imagined while reading the pages of the book. Others invited us to cookouts, lunches, they treat us to mate tea…they offer us so much that we believe we’ll come home with some extra weight. We stay in Rosario longer than we thought because it’s a big city and we had a ball. We go to San Nicolás for the day of the Virgin of San Nicolás. We go to the national festival of Porcino (Pork) in Chañar Ladeado where Herman is a judge to select the queen of the festival. We take part in the Fiesta of Mate in Las Rosas-Sante Fé where Chaqueño Palavecino sings. We travel from fiesta to fiesta where the Municipalities made a little place for the Graham and us.

We send to all of you a big hug from the road

Cande, Herman, Pampa and Tehue Zapp

Tres Américas Una Huella. Los Zapp. Copyright